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Kishori from The Amazing Race Shares How Karishma Spent Over Four Hours on Skateboard Roadblock

During their appearance on season 36 of “The Amazing Race,” contestants Kishori Turner and Karishma Cordero faced a challenging roadblock that involved building a skateboard, a task that took Karishma over four hours to complete due to her expecting it to involve skateboarding based on her past experience. Despite the setback and their eventual elimination, the duo spoke about honoring Karishma’s late parents, with Kishori reflecting on the lessons learned about patience, communication, and living life to the fullest through their participation in the race.

Kishori Turner revealed that her teammate Karishma Cordero took over four hours to complete a skateboard-building roadblock in season 36 of “The Amazing Race,” a task that significantly impacted their performance and ultimately led to their elimination from the competition.

So, let’s dive into this whirlwind adventure, shall we? Picture this: Kishori Turner and Karishma Cordero, two vibrant souls, embarking on the rollercoaster that is *The Amazing Race* Season 36. Their journey? A concoction of highs, lows, and everything in-between.

Karishma, only 22, with a heart full of courage, steps up to the plate for a skateboarding challenge. But oh, the twist! It wasn’t about cruising on a board; it was about crafting one. Imagine her shock.

“It took her over four hours,” Kishori spills the beans to *Us Weekly*. The cousins, far behind Derek and Shelisa Williams, felt the sting of reality TV editing. Kishori, sidelined, could only watch, her hands tied by the game’s rules.

Oh, and did I mention the part where Kishori is a self-proclaimed furniture assembly aficionado? “I love building furniture,” she confesses. A skill that, sadly, couldn’t come to the rescue that day.

Their journey wasn’t just about the race. It was a tribute, a homage to Karishma’s late parents, warriors who battled cancer. Kishori believes they’d be chuckling from above, especially at the skateboard debacle. “Our girl rides skateboards,” they’d probably say, shaking their heads with a smile.

Kishori and Karishma’s bond? It’s the stuff of legends. From leg-shaving tutorials to makeup heists, their cousinship blossomed into a sisterhood. And oh, the lessons learned! Patience, understanding, and the art of cherishing every moment.

As for *The Amazing Race*, it continues to be a Wednesday night staple, a weekly escape into a world of challenges, teamwork, and dreams of that $1 million prize.

In the end, it’s about more than just the race. It’s about living fully, embracing chaos (the good kind), and the unbreakable bonds that carry us through life’s most dizzying turns.

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