CelebritiesBlogKendall Jenner & Ex Devin Booker Share Super Bowl Suite

Kendall Jenner & Ex Devin Booker Share Super Bowl Suite

Kendall Jenner and her ex Devin Booker were spotted in the same suite at the 2024 Super Bowl, indicating a possible amicable post-breakup relationship. The event, which also saw the attendance of other celebrities, comes after their split in 2022 and amidst rumors of Jenner’s brief relationship and split with Bad Bunny.

Kendall Jenner and her ex Devin Booker were both present in the same suite at the 2024 Super Bowl, sparking interest amidst their amicable post-breakup relationship and amidst rumors of Jenner’s past and potential future romantic connections.

Oh, the drama of celeb reunions! Kendall Jenner and her ex, Devin Booker, found themselves in the same Super Bowl suite. Talk about a plot twist, right? They were both chilling at the Allegiant Stadium, watching the game unfold. Kylie Rubin, the daughter of Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, spilled the beans on Instagram. She tagged Booker in a post that had everyone talking.

“Vegas: 1, Us: 0,” Kylie captioned her post. It included a pic of Booker munching away and enjoying the game. Meanwhile, Kendall was living it up in the suite with a bunch of other celebs. We’re talking about the Kardashians and the Biebers, all in one place. Khlo√© Kardashian even gushed about their “time” at the Super Bowl on her Instagram.

And guess what? The Super Bowl was like a magnet for stars. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers were battling it out, but the real show was in the stands. Another of Jenner’s exes, Bad Bunny, was also there. He was hanging out with SZA, Lizzo, and Henry Cavill in an Apple-hosted suite. Lizzo was all about that “4th Super Bowl” life on Instagram.

Jenner and Booker’s past is a bit of a roller coaster. They split in June 2022, tried to patch things up, but by November, it was over. Sources say they’re still cool with each other, though. No drama there. But then, Booker unfollowed Jenner on Instagram. And Bad Bunny? He might’ve thrown some shade at Booker in a song.

Kendall’s love life has been quite the journey. She and Booker first sparked rumors back in 2018. Despite a brief fling with Ben Simmons, Kendall and Devin’s paths kept crossing. Fast forward to 2023, and there’s talk of Kendall and Bad Bunny. But Devin? He’s not buying it. He’s holding out hope for another shot with Kendall.

Some of Kendall’s friends are rooting for her and Devin too. They think he’s the best match for her. As for Kendall and Bad Bunny, they broke up after less than a year. Yet, there’s buzz they might be rekindling things. Kendall’s pals are just hoping she’s happy, whoever she’s with. They’re keeping an open mind about Bad Bunny, as long as he’s good to her.

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