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Joey Sasso Opens Up About His Sobriety, Daily Workout, & Spending Time with Family

Joey Sasso, winner of the first season of Netflix’s “The Circle,” recently opened up about his struggles with addiction and his journey to sobriety. He credits his fellow sober Circle alum, Chloe Veitch, for making his return to reality TV on “Perfect Match” easier. Sasso prioritizes his physical, mental, and emotional health through meditation, intermittent fasting, and workouts, and enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his nieces and nephew.

Joey Sasso, winner of season 1 of Netflix’s “The Circle,” discusses his struggles with addiction, being sober for two years, and navigating his sobriety on the reality dating series “Perfect Match.”

Joey Sasso, known for his win in season one of Netflix’s hit show ‘The Circle’, recently opened up about his struggles with addiction and being more than two years sober. He revealed that for a long time, he was in denial about being an addict, and it took him hitting rock bottom to realize that he needed to get clean. Joey credits his sobriety to his determination to not only survive but to thrive.

Despite his successful sobriety journey, Joey knew that returning to reality TV for ‘Perfect Match’ would be a challenge. However, having fellow sober alum Chloe Veitch by his side made it easier. According to Joey, reality shows should be fun and act as an escape from normal life, but seeing someone who is going through the same thing you are can make a world of difference.

Now back home, Joey is focused on maintaining his physical, mental and emotional health. He starts his mornings with meditation and intermittent fasting throughout the day. He has also taken up the role of babysitter for his nieces and nephew as he spends time with his family. Despite the challenges, Joey is taking life by the balls and living it on his own terms, one day at a time.

For those curious about Joey’s daily routine, he opens up about what a typical day in his life as a reality star looks like. From morning meditation to hitting the gym, Joey reveals his secrets to success. It’s all about taking care of himself and being there for his loved ones. Fans of Joey can follow along on his journey of self-discovery and sobriety and take inspiration from his courage to face his struggles head-on.

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