CelebritiesBlogJo Wenberg to Attend Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion with Tom Schwartz

Jo Wenberg to Attend Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion with Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz’s former fling, Jo Wenberg, is confirmed to attend the “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 reunion, as announced by Bravo along with the reunion seating chart featuring various cast members. Jo Wenberg, a hairstylist and newcomer to the show, was introduced in season 11 and has been described by Schwartz as a “light in [his] life,” clarifying that their relationship has evolved from a whirlwind romance to just friends.

Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz’s former fling, will attend the “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 reunion, marking her official integration into the show’s universe after being introduced as Schwartz’s hairstylist and sparking intrigue with their past whirlwind romance.

Tom Schwartz’s past fling, Jo Wenberg, is set to appear at the “Vanderpump Rules” Season 11 reunion. Bravo spilled the beans on X (you know, the artist formerly known as Twitter). They even shared a sneak peek of the seating chart. It’s got everyone from Andy Cohen to Lisa Vanderpump and, of course, Tom Schwartz himself.

Jo and another newcomer, Ally Lewber, weren’t in the chart snapshot. But Bravo made sure to highlight their attendance. “You *do* deserve to look at this!” they teased. That’s Bravo for you, always stirring the pot.

Jo’s debut on “VPR” was quite the entrance. She popped up in Season 11, snipping away at Schwartz’s hair. Schwartz, in a moment of reflection, called Jo a “light in [his] life.” But he was quick to clarify. “She’s not my girlfriend,” he insisted. They had a “whirlwind romance” but are just pals now.

Speaking of whirlwinds, Tom’s connection with Jo has had everyone talking. Especially after his split from Katie Maloney. Before the cameras rolled for Season 10, Tom and Katie called it quits. And then there’s Jo, suddenly in the picture. Coincidence? I think not.

Schwartz gushed about Jo to Us Weekly before Season 11 kicked off. Called her a “breath of fresh air” for the show. He’s clearly a fan of her energy and charisma. “She’s a superstar in her own right,” he said. And don’t forget, she’s a Midwest girl through and through.

Jo’s entry into the “VPR” circle came through Kristen Doute. But things got messy. Kristen spilled on her podcast that Jo might have used their friendship to get on TV. Then, ghosted her. Classic reality TV drama, right?

Tom Schwartz and Jo Wenberg’s relationship timeline has been a rollercoaster. From roommates to “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars, it’s been a journey. And let’s not forget Katie Maloney’s take on Jo. “Spooky,” she called her. Harsh words, but that’s showbiz.

Jo took to Instagram, asking fans for kindness. “I’m going public with my Instagram tonight,” she announced. A brave move, considering the backlash. “Just me with no makeup or filter,” she said. Here’s to hoping the “VPR” universe shows her some love.

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