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Jill Zarin Opens Up About Her Experience on Below Deck Jill Zarin is sharing insights into her stint on Below Deck. Her two-day charter on the St. David was featured in two episodes on Bravo, where she raised issues with the crew about cold food & slow service. Despite the crew’s reaction to her complaints, Zarin stands by her actions but wishes her perspective was more understood, as she didn’t have the chance to share it in a confessional on the show. After observing the crew’s discussions about her on the series, Zarin felt the portrayal was one-sided. She decided to share her side of the story, emphasizing that she enjoyed the filming process & learned a lot during her time on the boat, despite the negative aspects that were highlighted. Zarin also revealed the financial aspect of her trip, including how much she spent & her contributions to the crew’s tip, countering any notions of her being a freeloader. She also discussed a special moment that wasn’t aired, where Captain Kerry gifted her a three-star lapel, recognizing her boating knowledge. Furthermore, Zarin addressed her initial expectations for snacks & meals on board, which were not met, leading to frustration due to hunger. She also shared her post-show communication with chief stew Fraser Olender, expressing disappointment over his lack of public support amidst fan backlash. Zarin believes the focus on her by the show was disproportionate & that her genuine complaints were justified, given the circumstances. Reflecting on the experience, she suggests that the crew could have approached the situation with more humor & understanding, allowing her personality to shine through in a positive light.

Jill Zarin shared her experiences and perspectives on her two-day charter aboard the St. David boat on “Below Deck,” which aired on Bravo, expressing dissatisfaction with how her concerns about the service and food were portrayed and feeling that the crew’s reaction to her feedback was unfairly one-sided. Despite the challenges, Zarin clarified that she enjoyed the filming process, spent a significant amount of money on the trip, and attempted to address issues directly with the crew, ultimately feeling misrepresented by the show’s editing and response to her actions.

Jill Zarin reflects on her experience on “Below Deck,” expressing dissatisfaction with how her complaints were portrayed and emphasizing her efforts to provide a balanced perspective on the situation, including addressing unshown scenes and her financial contributions to the trip.

Jill Zarin is spilling the tea on her stint on *Below Deck*. She had a two-day charter on the St. David, which Bravo fans got to see over two episodes in April. During her time aboard, Jill didn’t shy away from expressing her concerns. She mentioned the cold food and how long the service took. “I’m good with everything I did,” she told *Us Weekly*. But, she didn’t quite vibe with the crew’s reaction to her feedback.

Watching the episodes, Jill felt the portrayal was a tad one-sided. Her perspective, she felt, wasn’t fully considered. It’s like, she didn’t get a chance to share her side in those confessional moments, you know?

Oh, and there was this drama that got viewers talking. It involved some intense moments from past seasons. Like that time in season 7 when things got really heated between Kate Chastain and Ashton Pienaar. Yeah, that was something.

Jill, though, she tried to keep things light. “I didn’t have any downsides to filming,” she joked. She actually enjoyed her time on the boat and learned a bunch. But, she did see some “awful things” said about her on the show. Plus, there were scenes that got cut, which she thinks could’ve shown a different story.

*Below Deck* fans, did you catch everything? Jill’s got some revelations, including how much she actually spent on the trip. Spoiler: It’s a lot more than you might think. She called out stew Barbie Pascual for a “freeloading” comment, which Barbie has since apologized for. Jill made it clear she wasn’t freeloading at all, having shelled out a pretty penny for the experience.

And there was this sweet moment with Captain Kerry. He gave Jill a “three-star lapel” pin, making her an honorary captain because of her extensive boating knowledge. Jill’s no stranger to the sea, having owned boats and chartered yachts around the globe.

But let’s talk snacks. Or the lack thereof. Jill was promised snacks everywhere, all the time. Yet, when lunchtime woes hit, they were all starving. She even had fruit, cheese, and crackers on her preference sheet. Nothing. Nada. Hungry and maybe a tad cranky, Jill was feeling it.

Post-trip, Jill reached out to Fraser Olender, thanking him for a great time but also shared a list of things that went wrong. They stayed in touch for a while, but things fizzled after Jill felt Fraser didn’t stand up for her against fan backlash.

Jill feels the show focused too much on her, editing out others in her group. “Everybody in my group had tape on their mouth,” she joked. It seemed like she was the only one talking, which she found ridiculous.

Reflecting on the experience, Jill thinks the cast took things too seriously. She wished they had just had fun with her presence. “They should have made fun of me in a loving way,” she said. For those who really know her, the negative comments just didn’t add up.

And that’s Jill’s take on her *Below Deck* adventure. For all the drama and laughs, it seems there was a lot more happening off-camera.

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