CelebritiesBlogJesse Lally's Relationship with Anna Nicole Smith Lasted Over a Year

Jesse Lally’s Relationship with Anna Nicole Smith Lasted Over a Year

Jesse Lally, a star from “The Valley,” revealed on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast that he had a romantic relationship with Anna Nicole Smith for over a year after they met during a 2002 photo shoot for Trimspa. Lally reminisced about their connection, sharing details of their first meeting and subsequent interactions, including a memorable photo shoot that led to a spontaneous moment in the ocean, and how they continued to be friends until Smith’s untimely death.

Jesse Lally, a star from “The Valley,” claimed on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast that he had a fling with Anna Nicole Smith for over a year after meeting her at a photo shoot in 2002.

Oh, the tangled webs of Hollywood, right? Jesse Lally, a name from The Valley, dropped a bit of a bombshell. He claimed he wasn’t just pals with Anna Nicole Smith before she passed away. Imagine that!

So, there they were, chatting on Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge’s podcast, "Two Ts in a Pod." Lally, at 43, spills the beans. He hooked up with Smith after a 2002 photo shoot for Trimspa. "For a year or two," he says. He’d jet to L.A., and she’d sometimes be in New York. What a life, huh?

The way they met? Straight out of a movie scene. Miami, 2002. They were reenacting a classic James Dean and Marilyn Monroe photo. "Hi, I’m Anna Nicole," she said. And just like that, they clicked.

Next thing, they’re frolicking in the ocean, much to the dismay of the crew. Her hair and makeup? Ruined. But that shot? Iconic.

Post-shoot, Anna Nicole worried about getting sick from the ocean. Lally had the cure-all: supplements and vitamins back in his room. That night, they ended up sharing a bottle of wine and a couple’s massage. Just like "two little kids," Lally reminisces.

Flashback to 2013, Lally shares a throwback photo with Smith, keeping it classy. Even on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, he mentioned they stayed friends after the shoot.

Then, there’s a bit about celeb BFFs that catches the eye. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg? Now, that’s an unexpected duo. Their chemistry led to a cooking show. Talk about a plot twist!

Anna Nicole Smith’s journey to fame began with a Playboy cover in 1992. Her life, filled with highs and lows, became public spectacle. Marrying J. Howard Marshall II, battling his family for his estate, and the tragic deaths surrounding her. It’s a story that’s both fascinating and heartbreaking.

Lally, meanwhile, has his own drama. Joining The Valley, a Vanderpump Rules spinoff, he put his life up for the world to see. Married to Michelle Lally during filming, they split after the show. Watching the show made him realize just how bad things were. But now, with his girlfriend Lacy Nicole, he’s looking upwards, always upwards.

Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in the limelight. It’s never dull, is it?

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