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Jesse Lally from The Valley Shares His Connection with Anna Nicole Smith & Reflects on Their Friendship & Work Together

Jesse Lally, star of “The Valley,” shared his connection with the late Anna Nicole Smith, highlighting their friendship that lasted for about a year and a half after meeting at a TrimSpa photoshoot in Miami. Their relationship was marked by a steamy commercial shoot for the weight loss supplement, where they were seen frolicking on a beach and canoodling in the water, which aired during the early 2000s.

Jesse Lally, star of “The Valley,” discussed his friendship and professional relationship with the late Anna Nicole Smith, which began after meeting during a TrimSpa commercial shoot in Miami.

Jesse Lally, star of The Valley, spills the tea on his bond with the iconic Anna Nicole Smith. "Met her once, did a photoshoot for TrimSpa in Miami," he reminisces. They clicked instantly, staying pals for a good year and a half. This tidbit came out during a chit-chat on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on a breezy Tuesday, May 21.

Remember the TrimSpa ad? Early 2000s, it was everywhere. Smith and Lally, frolicking on a beach, getting cozy in the ocean waves. Oh, and those moments with Lally carrying Smith on his back, neck kisses included. Steamy, right?

The ad had a bold claim: Smith dropped over 69 pounds with TrimSpa. "Get the attention you deserve. TrimSpa: be envied," the voiceover teased, as the duo played in the surf. Smith, the face of TrimSpa till her untimely demise in 2007 from drug intoxication, was just 39. Lally, years later, drops a throwback photo on Instagram. Him and Smith, tongues out, bathrobes on. "#Tbt keeping it classy with #annanicolesmith," he captions. Pure gold.

Smith wasn’t just a pretty face; her life was a rollercoaster. Married J. Howard Marshall, 63 years her senior. He passed away a year post-wedding. Rumors flew about her marrying for cash, which she denied. Smith’s personal life? A mix of tragedy and joy. Son Daniel died young, at 20, in 2006. Daughter Dannielynn, now 17, seems to have a knack for fashion, much like her mom.

Dannielynn and dad Larry Birkhead hit the Kentucky Derby. "We are having a great time," Birkhead shares with Us Weekly. Dannielynn, channeling Janet Jackson with a fresh haircut, dives into the Derby fashion scene. Birkhead, once embroiled in a paternity battle with Smith’s partner Howard K. Stern, was confirmed as Dannielynn’s dad in 2007. A story that grabbed headlines.

Birkhead opens up in January 2020. "Wasn’t a one-night stand," he clarifies. Their relationship was real, complex, a "crazy love story" with its ups and downs. And The Valley? Catch it on Bravo, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. Because, why not?

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