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Jeremy Madix Reveals He Hasn’t Spoken to Sister Ariana Madix for Months Following His Hug with Tom Sandoval at an Event

Jeremy Madix has not spoken to his sister Ariana Madix for months following his controversial encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, at an event, sparking speculation about their relationship. Despite the family tension, Jeremy expressed a desire to communicate with both Sandoval and his sister, emphasizing the impact of Ariana’s split from Sandoval on him due to their long-term cohabitation and the close bond he shared with both of them.

Jeremy Madix revealed he hasn’t spoken to his sister Ariana Madix in months after being seen hugging her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval at an event, amidst the backdrop of Sandoval’s publicized affair and split from Ariana.

Jeremy Madix stirred the pot recently. He hasn’t spoken to his sister, Ariana Madix, for months. Why? Well, it all started when he hugged her ex, Tom Sandoval, at an event. Drama, right?

During a podcast episode on March 22, Jeremy opened up about the situation. The chat happened at The Valley premiere party, a hotspot in Jax’s Studio City. “I’m all for my sister,” he said, hinting at Ariana’s split from Sandoval after a scandalous affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss. But Jeremy’s also itching for a chat with Tom. And Ariana? Radio silence for months.

Was there really a hug between Jeremy and Sandoval? Jeremy played it cool, dodging the question. “My lawyers told me to zip it,” he quipped, suggesting the host might be seeing things. But, he teased, maybe we’ll all see what really went down in season 12 of Vanderpump Rules.

Jeremy’s on the fence about keeping his distance from Sandoval. It all hinges on when Ariana reaches out. “We need to talk,” he admits. There’s a lot left unsaid. After all, living with both of them, he’s lost a friend and a love.

Sandoval’s been in the hot seat since March 2023, when his affair led to the big split with Ariana. Despite this, he’s tried patching things up with some Vanderpump Rules co-stars, like Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay, Lala Kent, and Katie Maloney.

Meanwhile, Raquel Leviss and Sandoval are feeling the heat from their Vanderpump Rules family. Their affair has everyone talking. Sandoval and Ariana’s breakup, after nearly a decade, was a bombshell, thanks to his cheating.

Shay and Kent have been vocal about moving on from their beef with Sandoval. Ariana, however, made it clear: she’s cutting ties with anyone still close to him. “I need to feel safe,” she said, not wanting Sandoval in her life, even by proxy.

Ariana’s been busy, though. She’s wrapping up her role as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway. Post-scandal, she’s snagged opportunities like Dancing With the Stars, launched a recipe book, Single AF Cocktails, and even snagged the title of Us Weekly’s Reality Star of the Year.

And there’s more. On March 24, Us confirmed Ariana bought a $1.6 million house in Los Angeles. It’s a fresh start, 6.6 miles from her past with Sandoval. But the drama’s not over; they’re still tangled in legal issues over their old place.

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