CelebritiesBlogJeramey Lutinski Clarifies Pre-Love Is Blind Engagement Status & Addresses Rumors

Jeramey Lutinski Clarifies Pre-Love Is Blind Engagement Status & Addresses Rumors

Jeramey Lutinski, a contestant on “Love Is Blind” season 6, took to Instagram to clarify that although he was engaged before applying for the show, he was single and living on his own by the time he applied, countering rumors and allegations about his engagement status during the application process. Despite the controversy surrounding his past engagement and subsequent relationship drama on the show, including a love triangle and accusations of cheating, Jeramey and his co-star Sarah Ann have called for an end to the hate they’ve received from viewers.

Jeramey Lutinski addressed rumors about his engagement status prior to participating in “Love Is Blind” Season 6, clarifying on Instagram that he was single and had been living on his own for weeks before applying to the show, amidst allegations from his alleged ex-fiancée’s family that they were engaged during his application process.

Jeramey Lutinski is all about clearing the air these days. He’s got something to say about his love life before hitting the “Love Is Blind” scene. On a sunny Thursday, February 22, Jeramey hit up Instagram. He was setting things straight about being engaged before joining the Netflix hit. But, by the time he threw his hat in for season 6, he was flying solo. “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room,” he kicked off. Dates, castmates, interviews – he’d been open about his past engagement. It wasn’t a secret, more like common knowledge.

Jeramey wasn’t playing a game of hide-and-seek with his past. He mentioned that a lot gets filmed, and not everything makes the final cut. That’s showbiz for you. He clarified, “I was on my own when I applied. Not living with anyone.” It turns out, “Love Is Blind” found him. They slid into his DMs on Instagram, sparking a conversation about joining the show. Attached to his post was a screenshot. It was from a casting producer, dated November 2022, inviting him to apply. “We’re scouting for ‘Love Is Blind’ in Charlotte. Interested?” the message teased. Time was ticking on the casting clock, but there was a chance for Jeramey to jump in.

Jeramey’s post was a mix of clarification and a touch of personal news. “By the way, sold my house a week or two before filming started,” he added. Selling a house? A marathon, not a sprint. He decided not to dwell on this topic any longer.

But then, drama unfolded. Jeramey’s ex-fiancée, Brittani Mcliverty, and her mom, Jenni Glen Daniel, threw in their two cents. They claimed Jeramey was still engaged when he applied for the show. Jenni’s Facebook post, featuring Jeramey and Brittani and a noticeable engagement ring, stirred the pot. After the post went viral, Jenni added that Jeramey moved out at the end of 2022. The timing of their home sale coincided with the filming start.

Season 6 of “Love Is Blind” wasn’t just about Jeramey setting records straight. He found himself tangled in a love triangle with Sarah Ann and Laura Dadisman. Drama, drama, drama. After much deliberation, he proposed to Laura, 34. Off they went to Mexico, but their romantic getaway hit a snag back in Charlotte. Laura discovered Jeramey and Sarah Ann had met up secretly. Confrontation ensued after Laura noticed Jeramey had left a bar – supposedly heading to Sarah Ann’s place.

Jeramey explained his side. He was out with friends, but plans changed, landing him at a bar where Sarah Ann was. The plot thickens, doesn’t it? The trio’s next rendezvous is at the cast’s lake party. A sneak peek showed Sarah Ann hinting to Amber Desiree “AD” Smith about Jeramey’s intentions with Laura.

Amidst the alleged cheating scandal, Jeramey and Sarah Ann pleaded for an end to the hate. Jeramey took to Instagram, calling for compassion. “We put ourselves out there, and for you, it’s just entertainment,” he reflected. On the other hand, Sarah Ann’s message was a plea for empathy. “Wishing death on someone because of a TV show? That’s sad,” she remarked. She hoped those spreading hate would find the help they needed.

“Love Is Blind” season 6 continues to unfold every Wednesday on Netflix. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, choices, and, of course, drama. Stay tuned, folks.

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