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Jax Taylor Reveals True State of His Marriage as Jesse Lally Confirms His Own Marriage Has Ended

In the latest episode of “The Valley,” the personal lives of Jesse Lally and Jax Taylor unravel, with Jesse openly admitting his marriage is over and Jax inadvertently revealing the strained state of his own marriage. While Jesse confronts the end of his relationship and the impact on his daughter, Jax’s attempts to address his wife Brittany’s drinking habits only further expose the deep-seated issues in their marriage, leading to public arguments and mutual resentment.

Jax Taylor inadvertently reveals the precarious state of his marriage on “The Valley,” while Jesse Lally openly admits his own marriage is ending, amidst a backdrop of personal turmoil and accusations affecting their relationships.

Oh boy, the latest episode of The Valley? It was a rollercoaster. Just when you think reality TV can’t get any more intense, it does. We’re talking about marriages crumbling like cookies left out in the rain. Again.

So, Tuesday rolled around, and Jesse Lally plus Jax Taylor’s personal lives were basically imploding. But hey, why not stir the pot in each other’s love lives too, right? Classic Jax move.

Jax decided to drop a bombshell on Michelle Lally. Rumors of "sexy photos" sent to some celeb were swirling around. Michelle was quick to shut that down, though. She’s all about networking and sees celebrities as potential clients. Work calls, texts, coffee meetings – the whole shebang. Despite the split from Jesse, she brushed off Jax’s accusations as just that – nonsense.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the universe, Bravo fans were getting whiplash. The focus shifted dramatically to Michelle and Jesse Lally, leaving viewers gobsmacked. This spinoff was supposed to be about the Vanderpump Rules alumni, but here we are.

Jesse wasn’t sweating the rumors. He pointed fingers at Kristen Doute, accusing her of being the rumor mill. His take on business networking was… unconventional. "Go talk to those five guys," he’d say to Michelle, aiming to farm new leads. Not your average business strategy, huh?

Jesse was chill about the whole situation. Too chill for Jax, who thought Jesse’s laid-back attitude was a huge red flag. "I’d lose it if Brittany texted other guys," Jax admitted. He sensed trouble. "Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire."

Then, out of nowhere, an emotional bomb dropped. Jax and Jesse, along with Danny Booko and Jason Caperna, had a heart-to-heart. Jesse broke down, revealing the depth of his marital woes. Wanting another kid, feeling the distance with Michelle grow – it was a lot.

Jesse clung to hope, not wanting his marriage to end. But reality was staring him in the face. And Jax? His situation with Brittany was going downhill fast. Accusations of excessive drinking led to fights. Jax’s frustration was palpable. "I’m at my wit’s end," he confessed.

Brittany, on the defensive, felt misunderstood and under attack. The pattern in their marriage was toxic. She was losing her sparkle, questioning if love was enough to keep them together.

Jax, however, saw Brittany’s health issues as a cry for help. His public callouts were meant to be wake-up calls, but they only drove a deeper wedge between them. Brittany felt undervalued and stressed, which took a toll on her health.

Advice time? Jesse tried, but Jax wasn’t having any of it. "Your marriage is on the fence, too," Jax snapped before backtracking. He insisted his marriage was solid. But the cracks were showing, and everyone could see it.

Jesse empathized with Jax, recognizing the signs of a marriage in crisis. He urged Jax to learn from his mistakes before it was too late.

Next week’s teaser? Ominous. Jax’s denial contrasted sharply with Brittany’s openness to divorce. The drama continues.

The Valley airs on Bravo, Tuesdays. Can’t wait? Stream it on Peacock the next day. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

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