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Jax Taylor Responds After Brittany Cartwright Announces She’s Moving Out Amid Marriage Challenges

Jax Taylor clarified that despite his wife Brittany Cartwright’s announcement of moving out, they are currently living together and trying to figure out their separation, emphasizing that there’s no animosity but a need to reassess their situation for their child’s sake. Cartwright had previously shared on their podcast about needing space for her mental health and the challenges they faced in their marriage, highlighting their intention to be honest with their audience about their relationship struggles.

Jax Taylor clarified that he and Brittany Cartwright are still living together and trying to figure out their separation after Cartwright announced she moved out for her mental health amidst a rough patch in their nearly five-year marriage.

Jax Taylor’s world turned a bit upside down recently. His wife, Brittany Cartwright, dropped a bombshell – she’s moving out. But hold up, it’s not what you think. Taylor, at 44, chatted with Page Six on a chilly Thursday, February 29. He set the record straight: “We’re together. Living in our home right now.” Brittany did take a short sabbatical in another house, but she’s back now.

They’re at a crossroads, trying to “figure out” their next steps. This separation thing? It’s fresh, uncharted territory for them. But don’t get it twisted – there’s no bad blood. Just two people, a decade into marriage, taking a breather. A kid’s in the mix, so they’re treading carefully, aiming for what’s best.

Brittany echoed these sentiments on their podcast, “When Reality Hits.” Fans had been curious, poking around about their relationship status. Brittany, wanting to keep it real, admitted the past year was rough. She’s all for honesty, not wanting to appear deceitful. So, she laid it out: they’re taking some space, primarily for her mental health. Details, though, remained scarce, the topic too raw to dive into.

Earlier in the month, the former “Vanderpump Rules” stars hinted at needing space. Taylor had jetted off to Montreal and then Detroit, his hometown, leaving Brittany to find out via social media. On their February 22 podcast episode, Brittany tackled the rumors head-on. Acknowledging that marriage is a rollercoaster, she stressed the normalcy of ups and downs, and sometimes, the necessity of space.

Brittany was adamant: their life isn’t a publicity stunt. Despite the ceaseless changes post-cameras, she wanted fans to know their struggles were genuine. The couple, who tied the knot in a lavish June 2019 ceremony aired during season 8 of “Vanderpump Rules,” share a son, Cruz, aged 2.

Taylor, an OG “VPR” cast member since its 2013 debut, and Cartwright, who joined in season 4, bid adieu to the show in December 2020. Reflecting on their 8-year stint, Taylor described it as a rollercoaster of challenges and rewards. Announcing their departure on Instagram, he hinted at focusing on their family and future ventures.

So, there you have it. A snippet of life in the Taylor-Cartwright household. A tale of love, challenges, and the quest for personal growth and family harmony.

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