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Jasmine Goode from The Valley Expresses Confusion Over Jax Taylor’s Cozy Moments with Model Paige Woolen Following Brittany Cartwright Split

Jasmine Goode from “The Valley” expressed confusion and lack of surprise over Jax Taylor’s actions of getting cozy with model Paige Woolen following his split from Brittany Cartwright, suggesting that Jax might be trying to provoke Brittany during their separation. Jasmine speculated that Jax’s behavior could be an attempt to get under Brittany’s skin, as he seems unsettled by Brittany’s newfound happiness and confidence post-separation, while also noting that despite their issues, Jax and Brittany are effectively co-parenting their son.

Jasmine Goode from “The Valley” expresses confusion and speculation about Jax Taylor’s motives in getting cozy with model Paige Woolen following his split from Brittany Cartwright, suggesting it might be an attempt to provoke Brittany.

Jasmine Goode from The Valley is all kinds of confused. Jax Taylor’s been seen getting cozy with model Paige Woolen, and it’s got everyone raising eyebrows. Especially since he just split from Brittany Cartwright.

"I’m not surprised," Jasmine spills to Us Weekly. "It’s just so Jax." But who’s this Paige Woolen, anyway? Jasmine’s not too sure what to make of it all. "I don’t know if I believe it," she admits.

Here’s the tea: Jasmine thought Jax was trying to win Brittany back. But him stepping out with Paige? That’s a no-go.

According to Jasmine, Jax might just be trying to ruffle Brittany’s feathers. They’re separated, after all. And Jasmine? She’s got thoughts. "He sees Brittany shining without him and it’s getting to him," she explains.

Brittany and Jax called it quits in February, after five years of marriage. They’ve got a 3-year-old son, Cruz, tying them together.

Brittany’s been open about the strain. She can’t even stand being in the same room as Jax for too long. It’s a rollercoaster, that’s for sure.

Paige Woolen’s name’s been buzzing around Jax lately. They were spotted out and about, sparking all sorts of rumors. A three-hour lunch at Granville Cafe in LA kicked things off.

The very next day, Jax and Paige were seen lunching again. Then, they hit up Jeremy Madix’s birthday party. Jax is moving on, but Brittany? She’s focusing on herself.

Jasmine’s noticed a change in Brittany. Away from Jax, she’s thriving. "She hasn’t been sick from stress," Jasmine notes. "She’s just been thriving."

Brittany’s happier than ever, Jasmine reveals. "It’s crazy how much she’s winning now that Jax is out of the picture."

Two weeks back, Jasmine saw Brittany hitting her fitness goals. She was radiating happiness, Jax-free.

Despite the drama, Jax and Brittany are nailing the co-parenting game. Their toddler, Cruz, is their top priority.

Jasmine doubts a Jax and Brittany reunion. "I think they just need time apart," she confesses. Happiness apart might just be their best path.

Is Brittany dating again? Jasmine’s lips are sealed. But she hints that Brittany’s doing just fine.

Jasmine’s own love life? It’s solid. She’s with Melissa Carelli, not a main cast member on The Valley. (You might recognize Melissa from Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge.)

Jasmine wasn’t worried about showcasing her relationship on Bravo. But seeing friends’ relationships struggle on the show? That gave her pause.

Jasmine thought she’d bring the drama to The Valley. But this group? It’s a whole other level of wild.

Jasmine’s no stranger to reality TV, thanks to The Bachelor. But The Valley? It’s a whole new ball game. "Everything about your life" is up for grabs, she says.

The Valley airs on Bravo, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. And that’s the latest scoop, straight from Jasmine Goode herself.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi.

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