CelebritiesBlogJasmine Ellis & Silas Cooper Discuss Changes They'd Make to Summer House

Jasmine Ellis & Silas Cooper Discuss Changes They’d Make to Summer House

“Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” stars Jasmine Ellis Cooper and Silas Cooper expressed their views on the Bravo series not being renewed for a third season, suggesting the show could have benefited from featuring more single men and more aspects of the cast’s life in the city. Despite the show’s cancellation, the couple remains hopeful for its return, reflecting on their experiences and the dynamics within the show, including Jasmine’s desire to showcase more of their life as a couple and their plans to visit Martha’s Vineyard again for their anniversary.

Jasmine Ellis and Silas Cooper from “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” share their thoughts on the show not being renewed for a third season, suggesting the addition of more single guys and showcasing more of their city lives could have improved the series.

Jasmine Ellis and Silas Cooper, stars of “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,” recently opened up about the show’s cancellation. They shared their thoughts with Us Weekly, sparking interest in what could have saved the series. Silas mentioned the need for more single guys and a glimpse into their city lives. It’s interesting, right? Like, who wouldn’t want a sneak peek behind the curtains?

During a fancy dinner in NYC, Silas elaborated on wanting the show to portray their everyday hustle. Married to Jasmine since June 2022, he believed viewers missed out on their real-world dynamics. Meanwhile, Jasmine seemed puzzled by the cancellation. She’s holding onto hope for a revival next year. “It’s a pause,” she optimistically stated.

Jasmine also expressed a desire to showcase more of their life as a couple. Especially now, with their first child, Silas “Si” Jr., entering the picture in February. She imagined season 3 filled with more couple’s adventures and parental fun. Despite the series ending sooner than they wished, Jasmine felt content with the season 2 finale. She found her stride, though not all questions were answered.

Conflict with Jordan Emanuel, a former close friend, added tension in season 2. Jordan accused Jasmine of being inauthentic, straining their friendship. Jasmine reflected on these moments, wishing for more clarity from her castmates. Yet, she acknowledged the limitations of reunion shows.

Even with the show on pause, the Coopers plan to visit Martha’s Vineyard this summer. It’ll be a special trip for their anniversary, with no cameras—just family time. Silas is excited to introduce their son to the island for the first time. It sounds like a lovely getaway, doesn’t it?

So, there you have it. Despite the unexpected end to “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,” Jasmine and Silas are moving forward with love and optimism. And who knows? Maybe their hopes for a return next year will manifest. Only time will tell.

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