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Janet from The Valley Claims Kristen Didn’t Want Her to Have a Full-Term Pregnancy

Janet Caperna, a cast member of “The Valley,” expressed on the “Gabbing With Gib” podcast that she felt co-stars Kristen Doute and Zack Wickham did not support her wish to have a full-term pregnancy and a healthy baby, leading to tension and a feud that played out during the show’s first season. Despite their past close relationship, Janet revealed that she and Kristen had to take a break from their friendship, although they briefly reunited, which made Janet reconsider their bond until further conflicts arose.

Janet Caperna publicly criticized Kristen Doute and Zack Wickham on a podcast, claiming they were unsupportive and did not want her pregnancy to go full term, amidst their ongoing feud on Bravo’s “The Valley.”

Janet Caperna dropped a bombshell on “The Valley” fans. She hinted that Kristen Doute and Zack Wickham weren’t exactly rooting for her to have a smooth pregnancy. “I just wanted kindness around me,” Janet confessed. That was during a chat on the “Gabbing With Gib” podcast. She felt Kristen and Zack were off this summer, not providing the support she needed.

At 34, Janet’s navigating new motherhood with her 5-month-old son and husband, Jason Caperna. She openly criticized Kristen, 41, and Zack, 35, for their attitude during her pregnancy journey. “Being authentic was my goal,” she said. Janet wanted to be surrounded by positivity, hoping for a full-term pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, she felt that wasn’t on Kristen and Zack’s wishlist.

The feud between Janet and Kristen is now a major storyline on Bravo’s “The Valley.” After Kristen accused Janet of making negative remarks about Michelle Lally, things turned sour. Janet responded by excluding Kristen from her events, a decision she stands by even after watching the episodes.

Janet believes the audience disapproves of cast members refusing to film together. Yet, she insists, “It wasn’t about Kristen.” She was protecting her peace. Janet questioned Kristen’s support, expressing a desire for friends who would check in and be gentle with her during her pregnancy. “Pregnancy is hard,” she emphasized, wanting support rather than accusations of manipulation.

Earlier in the year, Janet shared her current status with Kristen. They had been close but needed a break due to overwhelming circumstances. “I never say never,” Janet told Us Weekly, indicating a possible reconciliation. Despite a brief reunion making Janet miss their connection, an episode airing brought back all the reasons she needed distance from Kristen.

“The Valley” airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. Fans can catch up on the drama the next day on Peacock.

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