CelebritiesBlogHannah Berner Reveals Celebrity Who Slid into Her DMs Before Wedding

Hannah Berner Reveals Celebrity Who Slid into Her DMs Before Wedding

Hannah Berner, former star of “Summer House,” revealed on her podcast that singer Charlie Puth slid into her DMs before her wedding to Des Bishop. Although she never opened the message, Berner considered it a compliment from another artist. Berner and Bishop started dating before she returned to film season 5 of “Summer House,” despite their 15-year age difference.

Hannah Berner revealed on her podcast that Charlie Puth had sent her a flirty DM before her wedding, interpreting it as a compliment on her work as an artist, and she never opened the message.

Title: Hannah Berner Reveals the Celebrity Who Slid Into Her DMs Before Her Wedding

Hannah Berner, the former star of Bravo’s Summer House, recently made a surprising revelation on her podcast. Over a year after her wedding to Des Bishop, Berner disclosed that the celebrity who slid into her DMs prior to her bachelorette party was none other than the talented singer Charlie Puth. On an episode of her podcast, “Giggly Squad,” Berner shared the flirty message she received from Puth, where he expressed his interest with a simple “I like you.”

Berner admitted that while Puth may not have been her conventional type, she took it as a compliment from one artist to another, appreciating his recognition of her work. The 31-year-old reality star’s close friend, Paige DeSorbo, playfully encouraged her to consider responding to the message. Interestingly, Berner confessed that she never opened the Instagram message from Puth, and the two don’t even follow each other on the platform. Berner and DeSorbo had a humorous moment, teasing each other about their mothers’ fondness for Puth’s music.

Before her relationship with Bishop, Berner had gained attention during her time on Summer House for her flirtation with fellow cast mate Luke Gulbranson. They even had a brief hookup on the show, but things faded away between them. Berner eventually found love with Bishop, and they began dating before she returned for the fifth season of Summer House. In an interview with Us Weekly, Berner described the challenges of their relationship and admitted that Bishop had witnessed her various sides while filming the show.

The couple’s age difference of 15 years also drew attention, but Berner spoke candidly about it, asserting that Bishop’s wisdom and past experiences had brought a unique dynamic to their relationship. She found comfort and inspiration in his confidence and support, which propelled her to pursue her ambitions while being herself. On the other hand, Puth, known for his relationships with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Bella Thorne, has been open about his music often being associated with his love life, ultimately inspiring his fans.

In conclusion, Hannah Berner’s revelation about Charlie Puth’s DM before her wedding provides an intriguing glimpse into the lives of these well-known personalities. The unexpected encounter showcases the overlapping worlds of artists and celebrities, while also shedding light on Berner’s journey to finding a meaningful connection with Des Bishop amidst the challenges of reality TV fame.

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