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Focusing on Family: Larsa Pippen’s Boyfriend Welcomed by Her Kids, but What About Scottie Pippen?

Larsa Pippen’s boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, has been welcomed by her kids, but there is no communication with her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, apart from discussions about their children. Larsa’s children have embraced Marcus, and he feels like a fly on the wall in their conversations, chiming in when it makes sense. There are no issues between Larsa and Marcus’ families, and they believe their podcast, “Separation Anxiety,” gives them a platform to address misconceptions about their relationship.

Larsa Pippen’s boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, has been warmly accepted by her children, while her ex-husband Scottie Pippen remains uninvolved in their personal lives, with Larsa and Marcus emphasizing the strong bond they have with her kids and their intention to clear up misconceptions about their relationship through their podcast “Separation Anxiety.”

Title: Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan Share Insight into Their Blended Family Dynamic

Focusing on their family, Larsa Pippen’s boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, has been warmly welcomed by her children. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Larsa revealed that since their split, neither she nor her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, have delved into each other’s personal lives. Instead, they have maintained their conversations centered around their children.

Larsa, who has four children with Scottie, gushed about the effortless bond that Marcus has formed with her family. She expressed that her kids adore him, highlighting how they engage in conversations about similar interests. Whether they’re talking about basketball with Larsa’s older son, Scotty, or discussing fashion with her son, Preston, Marcus seamlessly integrates himself into their discussions, given his own background in these areas. The compatibility between Marcus and Larsa’s family has made for a natural and harmonious fit.

Marcus further elaborated on his relationship with Larsa’s children, noting that they have a close-knit and supportive bond. He commended Larsa for being best friends with her kids and speaking with them every day. As someone close in age to her children, Marcus finds it easier to relate to them. He humbly sees himself as a supportive presence, chiming in where it makes sense and cherishing the warm acceptance he has received.

Since Larsa’s divorce from Scottie and subsequent public involvement with Marcus, many have speculated about tensions between Scottie and Marcus’ father, NBA legend Michael Jordan. However, Larsa clarified that there are no such issues between her and Marcus’ family. She emphasized that both families only want them to be happy and believe they bring out the best in each other.

In addition to their personal relationship, Larsa and Marcus have collaborated professionally on their podcast, “Separation Anxiety.” The couple aims to use this platform to address public misconceptions about their relationship and set the record straight in their own voices. The name of the podcast is inspired by their strong desire to be together, feeling a sense of separation anxiety when they are apart.

“Separation Anxiety” is now available for streaming on iHeartRadio. Stay tuned to get a closer look into Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s blended family and gain insight into their relationship through their podcast episodes.

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