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Faith Martin Opens Up About Her Feelings Towards Gerry Turner & The Golden Wedding

Faith Martin, a contestant from the inaugural season of ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor,” expressed her feelings about her relationship with Gerry Turner, stating that while they shared compatibility and she appreciated their time together, she ultimately believes it’s for the best that they did not end up together due to differences in their decision-making approaches. Martin highlighted their clash over Turner’s analytical nature versus her heart-led decisions, particularly around the issue of relocating, which contributed to her decision not to pursue a relationship with him, emphasizing the importance of following one’s heart in matters of love.

Faith Martin, a contestant from “The Golden Bachelor,” expressed on the “Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour” podcast that, despite having a compatible and appreciative relationship with Gerry Turner, she prefers to leave their past behind, highlighting differences in their approach to life and decision-making.

Oh, the drama that unfolds on reality TV, right? Faith Martin and Gerry Turner, a duo that caught everyone’s eye on The Golden Bachelor. But here’s the twist – Gerry’s back on the market, and Faith? She’s not looking to rekindle anything.

During a chat on the “Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour” podcast, Martin spilled the beans. She had a soft spot for Gerry, sure. Thought he was different, appreciated him. They clicked, in many ways. But, deep down, she knew. It wasn’t meant to be.

Faith, at 60, and Gerry, pushing 72, could’ve been quite the pair, she reckons. But, ah, there was a catch. Gerry’s analytical mind clashed with Faith’s heart-led way of living. She’s all about following her heart, you see.

And then there was the biggie – location, location, location. Faith couldn’t see herself leaving Washington, not even for Gerry. She’s not the type to see her kids just twice a year. If the roles were reversed? She believes love would’ve bridged any distance.

"I think if I was truly in love with someone, there is no amount of distance that would keep me away," she declared. It’s a statement that makes you pause, doesn’t it?

Switching gears for a moment, did you catch that bit about former Bachelor and Bachelorette leads? Where are they now, you wonder? It’s a trip down memory lane, filled with roses, some still blooming, others long wilted.

Back to Faith and the gang. Despite everything, she feels a lifelong bond with her fellow contestants. They shared something special, an adventure, intense and unforgettable. Leslie, Theresa, and her – they’re connected for life.

But life’s not always a fairy tale, is it? Theresa Nist, the season’s winner, and Gerry didn’t last. Just three months post-wedding, and it was over. The sticking point? Where to live. Neither could compromise, and so, they parted ways.

Reality TV, folks. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, unexpected twists, and turns. And through it all, Faith Martin remains transparent, her feelings about Gerry Turner and The Golden Wedding laid bare for all to see.

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