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Exploring Lord Ivar Mountbatten: His Role in The Traitors & Connection to the Royal Family

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, an extended member of the British Royal Family and the first openly gay member, has joined the cast of season 3 of the competition series “The Traitors,” alongside reality TV veterans. Born in March 1963 and related to notable royals including Prince Philip and King Charles III, Mountbatten has a diverse background that includes working as a geologist and businessman, and he made history with his same-sex marriage to James Coyle in 2018.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten, a contestant on “The Traitors” Season 3, is notable for being the first openly gay member of the extended royal family, with connections to Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II, and King Charles III, and has made history with his same-sex marriage.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten is stepping into the spotlight. He’s been announced as a contestant on “The Traitors.”

Alan Cumming spilled the beans on the “Today Show.” It was a Wednesday, June 4, kind of announcement. Mountbatten will be joining the likes of Boston Rob Mariano and Danielle Reyes in season 3. That’s alongside a total of 21 contestants. While he’s not known for TV, Mountbatten is recognized as an extended member of the royal family. Oh, and he’s the first openly gay one, too.

Born in March 1963, Ivar’s the son of David Mountbatten. David was the 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven. His mom? Janet Mercedes Bryce. Through his dad, Ivar’s linked to Prince George of Battenberg and even Queen Victoria. That makes him Prince Philip’s first cousin once removed. And a third cousin once removed of Elizabeth. Plus, he’s a second cousin of King Charles III.

The Traitors fans, get ready. A new crew is entering Alan Cumming’s castle. Peacock let the cat out of the bag on June 5. Season 3’s lineup? It’s got Tom Sandoval, Robyn Dixon, and even Dolores Catania. Plus, a bunch more.

Ivar’s got a soft spot for Philip. After his dad passed in 1970, Philip was like a father figure. “In later years, I’d ask him endless questions about my dad,” Ivar shared with The Telegraph in April 2021. Philip was all ears, always ready to listen. And if he had advice? You’d hear it.

Despite being part of the extended royal family, Ivar’s not bogged down with duties. He’s been a geologist, a businessman. Even directed the SCL Group, a strategic communication company. “The family has got very large,” he told Tatler in 2019. Events were a regular thing in his younger days. Now, not so much.

Ivar’s still got ties to the royals, though. He’s close with Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie. Fun fact: he’s the godfather to their daughter, Lady Louise Windsor. Edward and Sophie? They’re godparents to two of Ivar’s daughters, Ella and Alix. Ivar and his ex-wife, Penny Mountbatten, also have another daughter, Luli.

In 2016, Ivar made headlines. He was the first royal to be in an openly same-sex relationship. He and James Coyle tied the knot in 2018, marking the first same-sex wedding in the British royal family. “My family was incredibly supportive,” Ivar revealed to The Independent in 2023.

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