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Erika Jayne Talks About Overcoming a Difficult Time & Preparing for Her Las Vegas Residency

Erika Jayne opened up about a dark period in her life and how she sought medical help and support from loved ones to get through it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was named in a lawsuit alleging she and her estranged spouse embezzled funds earmarked for families of plane crash victims. However, the suit was later dismissed, and Erika is now looking forward to her Las Vegas residency, Bet It All on Blonde, which kicks off in August.

Erika Jayne revealed her struggles with a dark and heavy period and how therapy, medical help, and support from loved ones helped her overcome it, as she gears up for her Las Vegas residency Bet It All on Blonde.

Erika Jayne, a star on the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, recently opened up about a difficult period she went through in 2022. In an exclusive interview with a media outlet, the 51-year-old shared that there was a point where she didn’t want to wake up or exist on the planet. However, Erika’s therapist, psychiatrist, friends, and family came to her support, which helped her overcome the dark phase in her life. The star has emphasized the significance of having supportive people in one’s life during difficult times.

Erika Jayne’s life took a dramatic turn after she filed for a divorce from her husband Tom Girardi in November 2020. A month later, she was accused of embezzling funds reserved for the families of plane crash victims. However, she was cleared of the charges in January 2022. Tom, on the other hand, was indicted in February for embezzling over 15 million dollars from his clients. Despite the legal complications, Erika looks at life positively and calls that period a lifetime ago.

The reality star has now shifted toward her upcoming Las Vegas residency, “Bet It All on Blonde,” which commences in August at Mandalay Bay Resort. She expressed her excitement and how it feels like a dream come true. Erika Jayne also disclosed that the show’s theme is resilience, and the production will be in line with her grassroots background. She can’t wait to perform her new material for her fans and reckons that life is about rolling the dice and betting on oneself.

The show will continue through early December, and the ticket presale is happening now via Ticketmaster. Erika Jayne is looking forward to a positive phase in her life and encourages everyone to remain resilient during tough times. It’s essential to have people around who support and care about us. Erika’s story is an example of how one can make a comeback after a difficult period in life.

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