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Elizabeth Debicki & Emma Corrin Share Their Preparation for Playing Princess Diana in The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki and Emma Corrin, who portrayed Princess Diana at different stages of her life in “The Crown,” discussed their preparation for the role, emphasizing the extensive research resources provided by the show, including binders of information. They focused on mastering Diana’s mannerisms and voice, with Debicki highlighting the challenge of adopting Diana’s accent and Corrin tapping into their own experiences with public scrutiny to embody Diana’s mannerisms under stress.

Elizabeth Debicki and Emma Corrin, who portrayed Princess Diana in different stages of her life on “The Crown,” discussed the extensive research and preparation offered by the show, including mastering Diana’s mannerisms and voice, in a Variety’s Actors on Actors interview.

Elizabeth Debicki and Emma Corrin had the monumental task of portraying Princess Diana in “The Crown.” They’re now opening up about how they prepped for the role. It’s fascinating, really.

Debicki, 33, and Corrin, 28, chatted in a “Variety” interview about their time on the Netflix hit. Corrin played a young Diana in season 4, and Debicki took over for seasons 5 and 6. The latter seasons dive deep into Diana’s final days.

Debicki was like, “I heard you did what I did, asking for all the research.” Corrin’s response? A massive box of research materials just showed up at their flat. “The Crown” provided a treasure trove of resources for them to dive into.

Oh, and there’s this related bit: a slew of actors have portrayed the British royal family over the series’ run. Claire Foy started it all as Queen Elizabeth II. Each actor brought something unique to these larger-than-life figures.

Corrin found the whole thing a bit of a double-edged sword. They love diving into historical roles but felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

Debicki, on the other hand, was anxious about getting Diana’s voice right. She’s lived in London for ages, so her Australian accent has morphed a bit. But Diana’s voice? That was a whole new challenge. She described it as learning a piece of music.

For Corrin, understanding Diana’s mannerisms was key. They found inspiration in Diana’s post-engagement interview, especially her reactions under stress.

Corrin also related to Diana’s experiences with the paparazzi. Having faced similar situations, they found it invasive and distressing.

“The Crown” has been a journey through Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, starting in the 1940s. The final season was released in two parts, with the last episodes dropping in December 2023.

This series has not just been a retelling of history. It’s been a deep dive into the complexities of the royal family, seen through the eyes of an incredible cast. Elizabeth Debicki and Emma Corrin’s contributions have been unforgettable.

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