CelebritiesBlogDisney/John Fleenor: Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist's Love Story on Golden Bachelor

Disney/John Fleenor: Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist’s Love Story on Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner, star of The Golden Bachelor, confessed to feeling like a villain during the show for his actions regarding contestant Leslie Fhima. Despite this, he and Theresa Nist are preparing to get married after becoming engaged at the finale. Gerry apologized to Leslie during the reunion, but Theresa revealed she wasn’t confident in his pick.

Gerry Turner apologizes to Leslie Fhima for hurting her and acknowledges the impact of the artificial environment on their relationship, while confirming his plan to marry Theresa Nist after their proposal during The Golden Bachelor live finale.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner recently appeared on Good Morning America with his fiancée Theresa Nist, where he opened up about his journey to finding love and the impact it had on the other contestants. Turner, 72, admitted to feeling like a villain at times and acknowledged the artificial environment of the reality show. He also addressed allegations of giving Leslie Fhima false hope, expressing that he had no response other than that at that moment, that’s how he felt.

Following the show’s live finale in November 2023, Gerry and Theresa revealed that they planned to get married right away. During the season’s final dates, Gerry told Leslie that she was “The One,” which she later called him out for during their reunion on After the Final Rose on November 30.

Leslie expressed her love for Gerry and admitted that she was blindsided by his change of heart, stating that his private reassurances had given her 100% certainty that she was his girl. Gerry apologized to Leslie, but she remained unsure if she could accept it. Theresa, on the other hand, shared that she knew she had strong feelings for Gerry but wasn’t confident he would pick her.

Following the emotional interview, Gerry and Theresa announced that they were moving to Charleston and would be documenting their wedding on The Golden Wedding, which airs live on ABC in January 2024. The couple’s love story will continue to unfold, and fans will have the opportunity to witness their journey from the beginning to their wedding day.

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