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Daisy Kent Unaware of Daisies on Table During After the Final Rose Appearance

Daisy Kent, a contestant from Season 28 of “The Bachelor,” did not initially notice the daisies placed on the table during her appearance on the “After the Final Rose” stage, a detail that was later pointed out to her through TikToks, which she found cute. Despite speculation and a potential nod towards her becoming the next Bachelorette with the daisy arrangement, Kent declined the role, citing her mental and physical health as primary reasons, and expressed relief and happiness with her decision.

Daisy Kent, a contestant from season 28 of “The Bachelor,” did not notice the daisies placed on the table during her appearance on “After the Final Rose,” a gesture fans speculated might have been an attempt to persuade her to become the next Bachelorette, which she declined.

Oh, the irony. Daisy Kent, stepping onto the “After the Final Rose” stage, completely missed the bouquet of daisies placed there for her. Fans? They noticed. But Daisy? She was clueless until TikTok filled her in. “That’s so cute!” she realized afterward.

In a twist, Tay Lautner, the podcast cohost, threw out a theory. Maybe, just maybe, those daisies were a last-ditch effort to sway Daisy into becoming the next Bachelorette.

But here’s the kicker: Daisy Kent had already turned down the role. After Joey Graziadei’s proposal to Kelsey Anderson, speculation was rife that Daisy was next in line. Nope. Jenn Tran took that crown.

Bachelor Nation, you’ve seen it all. Controversies, unexpected picks, and now, a bouquet mix-up. Clare Crawley’s selection as The Bachelorette had everyone talking, but Daisy’s story? That’s a new one.

Daisy’s quite content with her decision, thank you very much. No Bachelorette drama for her. She wondered how she’d feel about the announcement, but relief was the overwhelming emotion. “I can breathe again,” she sighed, free from the weight of speculation.

Her health played a big part in her decision. Daisy, sporting a cochlear implant from her battle with Lyme disease, knew her limits. The Bachelorette’s grueling schedule? Not for her.

Daisy had her chats, weighed her options. Family and former leads all had their say. “It’s tough, but worth it,” they advised. Yet, for Daisy, something didn’t click. She listened to her gut and chose her health and peace over fame.

So, there you have it. Daisy Kent, nearly the Bachelorette, now just happy to be Daisy. Amid the roses and daisies, she found her path, leaving the petals for someone else to pick up.

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