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Ciara Miller from Summer House Shares Her Daily Routine & Teases Season 8 Drama

Ciara Miller, a star from the Bravo reality series “Summer House,” leads a relatively calm life off-camera, involving photo shoots and enjoying dirty martinis, despite the drama encountered on the show. In the latest issue of Us Weekly, she offers a glimpse into her daily routine and teases the upcoming season 8 of “Summer House,” highlighting the intensified themed parties and the dynamics of roommate relationships.

Ciara Miller, a star of “Summer House,” shares her relaxed daily routine outside of the show’s drama and gives a preview of season 8, highlighting the fun and challenges of the summer, alongside insights into her growing friendship with castmate Lindsay Hubbard.

Oh, the life of a reality TV star, huh? Ciara Miller from *Summer House* might be knee-deep in drama when the cameras are rolling, but guess what? Her off-screen life? It’s surprisingly mellow.

So, she’s 28, right? And she’s spilling the beans to *Us Weekly*—everything from her photoshoots to her love for dirty martinis. Yep, you can catch all the juicy details in the magazine’s latest issue. It’s out now, by the way.

Now, onto the juicy bits about *Summer House*. Ciara joined the gang in season 5, and she’s already giving us a sneak peek into season 8. And let me tell ya, it sounds like a blast. “We had a lot of laughs this summer,” she shares. She even snagged her own room this time around. The themed parties? More epic than ever.

But, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. “High: we took it up a notch with our parties. Low: Anytime the roommates are fighting.” Drama, drama, drama.

Oh, and there’s a bit about Lindsay Hubbard, another face from the show. She and Ciara? They’ve gotten pretty tight this season. Lindsay’s all excited for us to see their friendship blossom on screen. Sweet, right?

Wanna dive deeper into Ciara’s day-to-day? Keep scrolling, my friend. And don’t forget, *Summer House* is your Thursday night date at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Grab your popcorn!

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