CelebritiesBlogCiara Miller Discusses Finding Tom Sandoval Annoying on Winter House

Ciara Miller Discusses Finding Tom Sandoval Annoying on Winter House

Summer House star Ciara Miller found Tom Sandoval “annoying” during a visit from him and Tom Schwartz to the Winter House cast in Vermont. She disliked Sandoval’s voice and the way he talked mainly about himself. Ciara and fellow podcast guest Nick Viall also discussed allegations that Sandoval brought pictures of his affair with Raquel Leviss to the set of Special Forces.

Ciara Miller from Summer House found Tom Sandoval annoying because he talked a lot about himself and his business ventures, while Tom Schwartz was considered sweet and kind during their visit to the Winter House cast in Vermont.

Title: Summer House Star Ciara Miller Opens Up About Her Experience with Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval in Winter House

Welcome to our blog, where we bring you the latest updates on your favorite reality TV stars. Today, we delve into Summer House star Ciara Miller’s recent revelations about her encounters with Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval during the Winter House cast meet-up in Vermont.

Ciara, 27, shared her firsthand experience on the “Viall Files” podcast, where she candidly discussed her initial impressions of Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. While Ciara found Schwartz to be “sweet” and “kind,” Sandoval, 41, left her with a different impression.

According to Ciara, she found Sandoval “annoying” during their first meeting. She described his voice as grating and reported that he dominated the conversation with talk about his own business ventures. The annoyance factor increased during a car ride to the mountain, as Sandoval’s self-centeredness continued to take the spotlight.

During Winter House season 2, which aired in 2021, Schwartz and Sandoval made a weekend appearance with the Winter House cast. Ciara revealed that the duo filmed with them for three days, mixing cocktails and having a good time. However, her mixed feelings about Sandoval were apparent, as she hoped to avoid crossing paths with him again.

Ciara formed a bond with “Viall Files” podcast host Nick Viall, who shared a similar perspective about Sandoval. Nick, 42, concluded that Sandoval lacked forward thinking, while Ciara and Nick both referred to him as a “unique” individual. Ciara recalled a particularly memorable fashion choice of Sandoval’s during their time together—a sequin blazer donned on a casual Tuesday night in Vermont.

Adding to the intrigue, Nick brought up the allegations that Sandoval had brought pictures of Raquel Leviss, his girlfriend, while filming Special Forces after news of their affair had surfaced. This revelation struck both Ciara and fellow Summer House star Mya Allen as “weird.” On a previous episode of the podcast, Nick had disclosed Sandoval’s actions of showing the pictures to the cast.

Though the affair itself was not directly addressed, Ciara and Mya playfully discussed the impact it had on their style choices within the Bravo world. Ciara mentioned how she could no longer paint her nails white, while Mya humorously exclaimed, “God forbid you have a lightning bolt anywhere.”

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Note: This blog post is inspired by recent events and contains fictional information.

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