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Christine Brown’s Husb& Makes Sister Wives: 1-on-1 Debut in Part 4 of Tell-All Episode

Christine Brown’s husband, David Woolley, made his Sister Wives: 1-on-1 debut on the tell-all episode, defending Christine against Kody’s claim that she was “Machiavellian” during their marriage. He believes that Christine is loyal and not conniving, and they have a strong connection. Christine also expressed that she feels free and can finally be herself now that she is moving on from Kody. Kody, meanwhile, does not blame Christine for their family unraveling, saying that it is his fault for marrying someone he didn’t love. Robyn expressed her conflicted feelings about being in a monogamous relationship with Kody, and Christine’s husband, David, shared how he and Christine have a strong connection.

Christine Brown’s husband, David Woolley, defended her against Kody Brown’s claims of being “Machiavellian” during their marriage, stating that he does not see her the same way and believes she is a good person, as they prepared for their upcoming wedding special on Sister Wives.

Christine Brown’s husband, David Woolley, made his Sister Wives: 1-on-1 debut during part 4 of the tell-all and displayed unwavering support for his wife. In response to Kody Brown’s claims that Christine was “Machiavellian” throughout their marriage, David made it clear that he doesn’t see Christine in the same light as Kody. He asserted that his wife is not backstabbing and conniving, asserting that she is “really good” and that he doesn’t believe Kody’s interpretation of her.

As Christine and Kody continued to discuss their divorce and their future as exes, Christine admitted to enjoying her newfound freedom and expressed her love for Disney villains. She revealed her affinity for Cruella de Vil and expressed her relief at no longer having to suppress her true feelings in her marriage with Kody, describing her efforts to be positive and fun. Kody, for his part, admitted that it was his fault for marrying Christine when he didn’t love her, ultimately leading to their split.

David admitted to feeling an instant connection with Christine and opened up about how they manifested each other. He also shared that he knew who Christine was even before their first date and how they shared similar interests and values.

Throughout the tell-all, it became clear that the dynamics of Kody’s relationships with his wives are shifting. Robyn, his fourth wife, expressed her complex feelings about the prospect of living monogamously with Kody after making a commitment to their plural family, while Kody acknowledged that he would not be interested in adding another sister wife to the family. Meanwhile, Christine’s loyalty to her marriage to David was evident, solidifying their bond.

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