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Chrishell Stause Claims ‘Selling Sunset’ Stars Sign Away Rights to Sue After Feud with Nicole Young

The drama between Selling Sunset co-stars Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young continues as they trade accusations and insults on social media. Nicole claimed Chrishell only got real estate listings because their boss Jason Oppenheim had a crush on her, while Chrishell accused her colleague of being on drugs and acting “cracked out”. Nicole has denied the allegations while Chrishell defended herself, saying she won’t feel bad for biting back at someone who spent every minute of their screen time trying to take her down.

Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young are continuing their feud off-screen following clashes in season 6 of Selling Sunset, with Chrishell firing back at Nicole’s claims that her real estate listings were due to boss Jason Oppenheim’s crush on her by accusing Nicole of being on drugs and “acting a little cracked out.”

In the latest season of Selling Sunset, tensions between Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young reached an all-time high. The two co-stars clashed repeatedly, with Nicole suggesting that Chrishell only received real estate listings because she had dated their boss, Jason Oppenheim. Chrishell hit back with accusations that Nicole was “acting a little cracked out” due to her alleged drug use. Nicole denied the allegations while Chrishell defended her actions on social media. The quarrel continued after the show aired, with Chrishell stating that she did not regret biting back at someone who had spent all their screen time trying to take her down.

Although some fans have praised Chrishell for standing up for herself, others have expressed disappointment. One viewer even called her a “bully.” Despite the criticism, Chrishell is unapologetic, stating that she no longer cares if people like her or not.

Selling Sunset newcomers Nicole and Bre Tiesi raised eyebrows within the Oppenheim Group office when they joined the show. Nicole thanked her supporters on social media, opening up about facing negativity online. Selling Sunset alum Christine Quinn showed support in the comments section, telling Nicole that she deserved everything.

Chrishell had previously hinted at tension between herself and a co-star, but did not specify who it was. She wrote on her Instagram Story in August 2022 that the “thirst for camera time” on season 6 was “insanity,” but she asked that her business be left out of it.

Although the drama may eventually fade away, it is clear that Selling Sunset is not just a show, but a real-life workplace where tempers can flare and conflicts can arise.

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