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Chris & Mary from The Amazing Race Discuss Why Chris Needed a Break

During the second leg of The Amazing Race season 36, contestant Chris Foster experienced severe calf muscle cramps, leading to a necessary rest period, as recounted by him and his daughter, Mary Cardona-Foster, following their elimination from the CBS series. Despite the setback and eventual elimination, the duo cherished their participation, with Mary emphasizing the importance of her father’s health over competition and Chris expressing hope for Mary’s future return to the show in a redemption season.

During season 36 of “The Amazing Race,” contestant Chris Foster experienced severe muscle cramps and dehydration, leading to a necessary rest period, as he and his daughter Mary Cardona-Foster shared their emotional journey and honored the memory of their late wife and mother, a fan of the show.

Chris Foster and Mary Cardona-Foster found themselves in a whirlwind on ‘The Amazing Race.’ Kit Karzen/CBS captured their journey. During the show’s 36th season, Chris had to take an unexpected break. He explained, “My calf muscles just gave in as I was heading to the bridge.”

It was a moment of disbelief for Mary. “My jaw dropped,” she recounted. The episode aired on a Wednesday, not showing Chris’s muscle cramp but his nausea. He needed a moment to rest, a request he made to Mary amidst the challenge.

Interestingly, the day was packed. “We walked about eight or nine miles,” Chris revealed. The heat was intense, around 90 degrees, leading to his dehydration. Mary, on her part, remained composed. Her priority was her dad’s well-being, even in the heat of the competition. “I wanted us to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she said, emphasizing the importance of their experience over the race’s intensity.

Watching the show back, Mary found humor in some scenes. Yet, she wished her competitive side was more visible. “I have a lot of race left in me,” she expressed, hinting at her unshown potential. Chris, feeling a tinge of regret, hoped for Mary’s return to the show with a partner her age. He believes she has much more to offer.

Their journey on ‘The Amazing Race’ was more than a competition. It was a tribute to Mary’s late mother, a fan of the show. “She got us into it,” Mary shared, highlighting the sentimental value of their participation. Chris echoed this sentiment, cherishing the opportunity to honor his late wife on a platform she loved.

‘The Amazing Race’ airs on CBS, bringing viewers into the lives of its contestants, like Chris and Mary, showcasing their challenges, triumphs, and the profound personal stories that fuel their journeys.

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