CelebritiesBlogChelsea Lazkani Devastated by Split from Jeff Lazkani, Suspects Infidelity

Chelsea Lazkani Devastated by Split from Jeff Lazkani, Suspects Infidelity

Chelsea Lazkani, from “Selling Sunset,” has filed for divorce from her husband Jeff Lazkani, citing his alleged infidelity as the primary reason for their separation. Chelsea, devastated by the breakup, believes the unfaithfulness had been occurring for months and has taken steps to protect her children’s interests amidst the turmoil.

Chelsea Lazkani from “Selling Sunset” is devastated and filed for divorce from Jeff Lazkani, suspecting him of infidelity, which she believes had been ongoing for months.

Oh boy, where do I even start? Chelsea Lazkani from *Selling Sunset* is going through it. She’s convinced her hubby, Jeff, wasn’t playing fair. Cheating, she believes, is the rotten root of their split.

Now, imagine this. She’s been stewing over this for weeks, maybe even months. The decision to file for divorce didn’t come out of the blue. It’s been brewing, like a storm on the horizon. And now, she’s devastated. Heartbroken, especially for their kids. It’s a mess, really.

Chelsea’s not just throwing accusations around. She’s been suspecting Jeff’s infidelity for a while. Wanted to catch him red-handed. But eventually, she had enough. Enough of the doubts, the lies. So, she filed for divorce this week. Yet, despite the chaos, she’s still in their house with the kids. Jeff? He’s been asked to keep his distance. They’re not even talking.

*Us Weekly* tried reaching out to Jeff for his side of the story. But as of now, it’s all radio silence on his end.

In a twist that’s straight out of a soap opera, Chelsea filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.” After seven years and two kids together, it’s come to this. She wants joint custody and spousal support. But she’s not looking to deny Jeff his chance at alimony. Fair, right?

Their love story began with a right swipe on Tinder back in 2015. Fast forward two years, and they’re hitched. Jeff even played cupid, introducing Chelsea to *Selling Sunset*’s Jason Oppenheim, which landed her on the show. Talk about a plot twist.

Chelsea once shared with *Vogue* how she got onto the show. It’s all thanks to her connection with Jason through Jeff. She was unsure if she’d make the cut, but as we’ve seen, she did. And how!

But let’s not forget, *Selling Sunset* seems cursed when it comes to love. Divorces left and right. It’s like love’s battleground. Chelsea’s not the first to face marital woes, and sadly, she might not be the last.

Just last month, Chelsea hinted at trouble in paradise on Instagram. A cryptic post about life’s recent kicks, accompanied by happier times. Jeff was notably absent from those snaps.

And it’s not just Chelsea. Christine Quinn’s marriage has also been in the headlines. Her husband, Christian Richard, got arrested after a heated moment went too far. Allegedly, he threw a bag at Christine, but it missed and hit their son instead. He was arrested again for violating a restraining order. Drama, drama, drama.

Christine’s planning to file for divorce after the whole ordeal. Meanwhile, Christian’s trying to clear his name, claiming the bag only had rags and paper towels. Their fight? Apparently started over their dogs. It’s a wild ride, this *Selling Sunset* saga.

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