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Catherine Lowe Reacts to Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist’s Quick Divorce as the Only Final Rose Winner to Marry the Bachelor

Catherine Lowe, the only final rose winner to marry the Bachelor, was surprised and saddened by the quick divorce of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, reflecting her belief in happily ever afters and great love stories. Despite not attending Gerry and Theresa’s wedding due to not knowing them and having other commitments, Sean Lowe, Catherine’s husband, shared insights into their lives, including Catherine’s optimism about love and her interest in the franchise’s future casting, particularly for “The Golden Bachelorette.”

Catherine Lowe was surprised and saddened by the quick divorce of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, as she is the only final rose winner to have married her Bachelor, Sean Lowe, and is an eternal optimist about love stories.

Catherine Lowe, the only one to turn a final rose into a lasting marriage with the Bachelor, was understandably shaken up by Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s quick divorce. “She was a bit surprised,” Sean Lowe shared with Us Weekly, painting a picture of his wife as the eternal optimist in love.

Sean’s words unfolded a tale of genuine belief in fairy tales and happily ever afters. Catherine, he revealed, had been captivated by the love story of Gerry and Theresa, expecting a grand romance. The reality, however, was a short-lived marriage that ended in just three months.

The couple’s split, announced after a mere three months, caught many off guard. Over fifty Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni were there to witness their vows live, yet Sean and Catherine opted out, citing prior commitments and a lack of personal connection to the couple.

“We didn’t go,” Sean admitted, explaining their absence from Gerry and Theresa’s wedding. It wasn’t for lack of interest but rather because they had “stuff going on.”

In a related twist, Sean mentioned that all his Bachelor franchise knowledge came secondhand from Catherine. She had been mulling over the casting choices for The Golden Bachelorette, wondering if the same caliber of men existed for an older bachelorette.

“Do men ever fully mature?” Sean pondered, half-jokingly. He expressed confidence in the show’s producers to find quality contestants, regardless of age. His faith in the franchise remained unshaken.

The Golden Bachelorette, starring Joan Vassos, promises new excitement this fall. While Catherine plans to watch, Sean might be busy in the kitchen, thanks to his partnership with Kevin’s Natural Foods.

Cooking, as Sean explained, is Catherine’s domain. She’s the foodie, the one who delights in culinary creativity. Sean? Not so much. He confessed to a simpler palate, often unable to distinguish between a meal that took hours and one that was thrown together in minutes.

“Our deal,” Sean said, “is pretty straightforward.” Catherine cooks; he cleans. Except for one night a week when he takes over the kitchen, with Kevin’s Natural Foods making it “fail-proof.”

Sean Lowe, reflecting on family life, joked about his daughter Mia’s precocious nature and sibling dynamics. His candid insights into family and food revealed a man grounded in the everyday joys and challenges of life.

He concluded with a nod to Kevin’s Natural Foods, praising it as a fantastic option for easy, healthy meals. This blend of personal anecdotes and product endorsement painted a picture of a man deeply intertwined with his family, his past as a Bachelor, and his current endeavors.

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