CelebritiesBlogCaroline Manzo Discusses Relationship with Step-Niece, Danielle Cabral, on RHONJ

Caroline Manzo Discusses Relationship with Step-Niece, Danielle Cabral, on RHONJ

Caroline Manzo, a former cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey, revealed that her step-niece and current RHONJ star, Danielle Cabral, is only a distant relative. Manzo assisted Cabral in getting on the show, but Cabral has since cut off communication with her and unfollowed her on social media. Despite this, Manzo holds no hard feelings and is glad Cabral is pursuing her dream of being in the public eye.

Caroline Manzo revealed that Danielle Cabral, her step-niece and new cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey, is only a distant relative whom she helped get on the show but has since cut off communication with her and never thanked her.

Title: Caroline Manzo Opens Up About Step-Niece Danielle Cabral’s Relationship and RHONJ Journey

Caroline Manzo recently provided an inside look into her relationship with her step-niece and newfound Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) star, Danielle Cabral. In a candid interview on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Manzo revealed surprising details about their connection. Cabral happens to be the daughter of Manzo’s ex-brother-in-law, as her mother remarried after the divorce. Acknowledging her role in Cabral securing a spot on RHONJ, Manzo confessed that she acted as a reference for her to show creator Andy Cohen. However, things have taken an unexpected turn, as Cabral has ceased all communication with Manzo and unfollowed her and her family on social media, leaving them stunned and unthanked for their support.

Despite the abrupt ending to their relationship, Manzo shared that she harbors no ill will towards Cabral. She expressed her contentment in seeing Cabral pursue her dreams of being in the public eye, embracing the opportunity RHONJ has provided her. Manzo’s departure from the show after season 5 did not affect her decision to support Cabral, highlighting her unbiased approach and genuine desire for Cabral to succeed.

Danielle Cabral made her debut on RHONJ for its 13th season, which premiered in February. From the onset, Cabral came with an open mind and a focus on building genuine friendships with her fellow cast members. Despite being involved in some drama during the season, when she confronted Melissa Gorga about cheating rumors, Cabral chose to prioritize respect for the sanctity of marriages and withheld the information due to Teresa Giudice’s upcoming bridal shower. However, she did express her belief in the validity of the claims made by Laura, an individual alleging specific dates and times related to Gorga’s alleged infidelity.

Moving forward, Cabral is expected to make a return for the show’s 14th season, slated to commence filming later this month. While it remains to be seen how her storyline will unfold and what new connections and conflicts will emerge, fans of RHONJ can expect Cabral to continue embodying her authentic self and engaging in the complicated dynamics of the show’s ensemble.

Caroline Manzo’s revelations about her relationship with Danielle Cabral shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of RHONJ and the unexpected twists that can occur amongst cast members and family connections. As viewers await the next season, Cabral’s journey in the public eye continues to evolve, with her ability to navigate the reality TV landscape being tested in each episode. Stay tuned for more updates on her RHONJ experience as she dives deeper into the world of housewives and the ever-unpredictable drama that ensues.

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