CelebritiesBlogCaptain Sandy Opens Up About Captain Lee's Surprising Departure from Below Deck

Captain Sandy Opens Up About Captain Lee’s Surprising Departure from Below Deck

Captain Sandy from Below Deck Mediterranean was surprised by Captain Lee’s departure from Below Deck, as she was unaware that it wasn’t his decision. She mentioned that Lee is not in good health and would likely prefer to relax on a beach rather than worry about a TV show. Sandy revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Lee since news broke about his exit, and believes that their different perspectives on certain situations were blown out of proportion.

Captain Sandy expressed her surprise and concern over Captain Lee’s unexpected departure from Below Deck, stating that she wasn’t aware it wasn’t his decision and that he is not in good health, and she revealed that she hasn’t been in touch with him since the news broke.

Title: Captain Sandy Opens Up About Captain Lee’s Departure from Below Deck

Captain Sandy of Below Deck Mediterranean recently shared her surprise and concern over Captain Lee’s unexpected departure from the original Below Deck series. In an exclusive interview with our team, Captain Sandy revealed that she had no knowledge that the decision was not made by Captain Lee himself. She emphasized that his departure was likely related to his health struggles and that if she were in his position, she would prioritize her well-being and enjoy her retirement instead of worrying about a TV show.

Since the news broke about Captain Lee’s exit, Captain Sandy admitted that she hasn’t been in touch with him and remains unsure about the exact circumstances surrounding his departure. She joined the Bravo franchise in 2017 and temporarily replaced Captain Lee during the tenth season of Below Deck, as he dealt with his health issues. However, during that season, a disagreement arose between the two captains regarding their different perspectives on leadership.

Captain Sandy expressed her belief that the disagreement between them was blown out of proportion. She clarified that as a captain, there was never a need for her to seek permission or consult with Captain Lee regarding staffing decisions when he was in the hospital. Although she made sure to inform him about the situation afterward, she felt that people misconstrued the incident and exaggerated it.

Despite the disagreement, Captain Sandy reiterated that captains support and fill in for each other when necessary. She shared a personal experience where a friend stepped in for her while she attended her mother’s funeral. This camaraderie and willingness to have each other’s backs is an essential aspect of the captain’s role.

Currently, Captain Sandy is focused on filming season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean. She also collaborated with Chips Ahoy! to celebrate their 60th anniversary. As part of their celebration, Chips Ahoy! offered fans the chance to win a unique birthday party experience on a private yacht. Captain Sandy expressed her excitement and gratitude for being involved in this campaign, as Chips Ahoy! has been a staple item in her house throughout her life.

In conclusion, Captain Sandy’s exclusive interview shed light on the surprising departure of Captain Lee from Below Deck. She shared her concern for his health and emphasized the importance of captains supporting each other. Additionally, she highlighted her involvement in the Chips Ahoy! sweepstakes, celebrating their 60th anniversary.

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