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Captain Jason Chambers Reacts to Aesha Scott Rejoining Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Jason Chambers expressed his initial surprise and support regarding Aesha Scott’s return to “Below Deck Mediterranean” to work with Captain Sandy Yawn, despite his own disappointment about not having a third season of “Below Deck Down Under.” Aesha, who had previously worked as a chief stew alongside Captain Jason, shared her excitement and nervousness about reuniting with Captain Sandy, emphasizing her growth and the pressure she felt to prove herself in her return to the show.

Captain Jason Chambers expressed being slightly put off by Aesha Scott rejoining Captain Sandy Yawn on “Below Deck Mediterranean” but showed support for her professional growth and decisions.

Oh boy, Captain Jason Chambers had a bit of a moment, didn’t he? Seeing Aesha Scott team up again with Captain Sandy Yawn on “Below Deck Mediterranean” threw him for a loop. It’s like when you bump into your ex at the grocery store. Awkward, unexpected, but kinda inevitable?

Jason spilled the beans on Instagram. It was a Monday, June 3, to be precise. He admitted he was a tad “put off” by the news. No “Below Deck Down Under” Season 3 on the horizon, life’s a rollercoaster, yada yada. People move on, chasing what they need and want. It’s the circle of life, or so the saying goes.

But here’s the kicker – he’s all for Aesha chasing her dreams. “Change is great,” he says. It’s all about growth, gratitude, and going after what you want. Aesha and Jason? They had a good run for two seasons. Now, it’s time for new adventures.

Segue to something related but kinda not. Ever wondered about all the captains from the “Below Deck” universe? There’s a whole guide on them. From the OG, Captain Lee, to Captain Sandy, it’s quite the lineup. These folks have seen it all, from high-seas drama to below-deck shenanigans.

Back to Aesha’s side of the story. She chatted with Decider, playing it coy about Jason’s reaction. She didn’t give him a heads-up about her return to “Below Deck Med” because, well, secrecy is part of the game. Jason found out through the grapevine but was cool about it. Supportive, even.

Aesha’s journey is like a boomerang. She started on “Below Deck Med” in Season 4 as a second stew under Hannah Ferrier. Then she became the chief stew with Captain Jason on “Below Deck Down Under.” And now? She’s back to her roots on “Below Deck Med” for Season 9. Talk about coming full circle.

Reuniting with Captain Sandy was a big deal for Aesha. It felt like coming home after a long trip away. There’s something special about returning to where it all began, rekindling old flames (professionally speaking, of course).

Last time Aesha worked for Sandy, she was just a second stew. Now, she’s back as a chief stew, all grown up and ready to show off her newfound skills and confidence. It’s a chance to prove how much she’s evolved, not just as a crew member but as a woman.

But, oh, the pressure. Aesha felt the weight of wanting to impress Sandy, whom she respects immensely. It’s that mix of excitement and fear, wanting to be perfect and fearing you’ll fall short.

And just when you think you’ve got a handle on the “Below Deck” world, Bravo throws in a curveball. There’s talk of a new series starring Captain Lee and Kate Chastain. Plus, the network’s strategy for airing the “Below Deck” franchise is like a well-oiled machine, though “Below Deck Adventure” seems to have slipped through the cracks for now.

“Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 is where the action’s at these days. It airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET, with episodes streaming the next day on Peacock. So grab your popcorn and settle in. The high seas are calling, and drama is guaranteed.

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