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Brittany Cartwright Opens Up About Lala Kent Nanny Feud: ‘I Was Kinda Thrown’

Brittany Cartwright addressed her feud with Lala Kent, explaining on her podcast that she was surprised the issue was discussed at the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion since they had already apologized to each other and moved on. The disagreement, which involved a text message to Kent’s mother about a nanny both women had employed, was reignited during the reunion, but Cartwright emphasized that she and Kent had reconciled and she regretted the timing of her message.

Brittany Cartwright addressed her feud with Lala Kent over a nanny, explaining on her podcast that they had reconciled after apologies were exchanged, but was surprised the issue resurfaced during the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion.

Brittany Cartwright, star of “The Valley,” spilled the tea on her tiff with “Vanderpump Rules” celeb Lala Kent. It was all on her podcast, “When Reality Hits,” which she does with Jax Taylor, her hubby and co-star. She was like, “I gotta keep this brief,” because the whole drama getting aired at the reunion? Total surprise to her. They’d already made up, so why drag it back out?

The drama unfolded on May 28, during the “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 reunion. Lala, at 33, laid it all out. It started with a text Brittany sent to Lala’s mom, Lisa Burningham. The text? It was about why Lisa hired the same nanny Brittany and Jax use for their kiddo, Cruz, who’s three.

Lala didn’t mince words with Andy Cohen. She said Brittany was “so out of pocket” during her gender reveal bash. Texting her mom like that? On such a big day? Total no-go, according to Lala.

Oh, and there’s more. Lala was like, “Don’t come at my mom about hiring our nanny.” Especially not when you’re in Kentucky, and I’m here trying to celebrate. She even threw in a bit about Jax needing to call her, so she could “eat him alive.” Drama, right?

Brittany, on her podcast, was kinda puzzled. They’d patched things up, so why rehash it at the reunion? She’s all about love for Lala, but admits the timing of her text was off. Apologies were exchanged, and she thought that was that.

Brittany and Jax, they took ages to find a nanny they trusted with Cruz. So, the reunion made it seem way worse than it was, according to Brittany. It was just a big shock, nothing more.

She wrapped up, saying it was a rough time for her and Jax, but they’ve moved past it. As for Lala? When asked if the feud was ongoing, she played coy, saying, “TBD. I like that answer.”

So, there you have it. A slice of reality TV drama, served fresh. Who knew hiring a nanny could lead to such a saga?

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