CelebritiesBlogBrittany Cartwright Discusses Her Bedroom Preferences in Candid Conversation with Lala Kent

Brittany Cartwright Discusses Her Bedroom Preferences in Candid Conversation with Lala Kent

Brittany Cartwright openly discussed her bedroom preferences and experiences during a candid conversation with Lala Kent on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, revealing her interest in “freaky stuff” but also her hesitations about involving more than one person due to jealousy. Shortly after this discussion and less than a week after filming segments for their spinoff, The Valley, Brittany and her husband Jax Taylor announced they were taking time apart from their marriage to focus on personal growth and mental health.

Brittany Cartwright openly discussed her adventurous sexual preferences and confirmed her separation from Jax Taylor during candid conversations with Lala Kent and on their podcast, amidst promoting their reality TV return.

Brittany Cartwright spilled the tea on her bedroom antics during a heart-to-heart with Lala Kent. They were chatting away on the Vanderpump Rules After Show. It was a Tuesday, March 19, to be exact. Brittany, at 35, and Lala, a bit younger at 33, stumbled into a convo about Scheana Shay’s bombshell. Apparently, Scheana had a wild night involving an orgy with John Mayer.

Brittany was quick to admit her limits. “I haven’t even had three people,” she confessed. Jealousy, it seems, is her Achilles’ heel. “As much as I want to, it has to be with someone you don’t care about. A one and done,” she mused.

Lala, on the other hand, had a different take. Back in the day, she was all for threesomes, especially with someone who caught her eye but wasn’t long-term material. Sobriety has since changed her perspective, but she reminisced about being “extremely f—ked up” during those past encounters.

Brittany’s response? “I can do that then.” She’s all in for the freaky stuff, loving every bit of it. Even more boldly, Brittany confirmed she’s explored anal sex, right after Lala shared her disinterest in it. Drama ensued less than a week later when Brittany and her hubby, Jax Taylor, hinted at marital troubles. They had just promoted their VPR spinoff, The Valley, but announced they were taking “time apart.”

Brittany felt compelled to clear the air on their “When Reality Hits” podcast. “So many of you guys have been asking me about Jax and I,” she started. Marriages, as she pointed out, can be tough. After a particularly rough year, she decided to move out for the sake of her mental health. Details were scarce as it was still a tender topic for her.

Before their stint on The Valley, Jax and Brittany’s rollercoaster relationship was no secret on Vanderpump Rules. Their 2019 wedding was a show highlight, and they welcomed son Cruz in 2021. Yet, earlier this month, they shared more about their separation while promoting their return to reality TV.

“We’re separated. That is for sure,” Jax confirmed to Us Weekly. He wanted to debunk the myth that all separations end in divorce due to infidelity. For them, it was simply a communication breakdown.

Brittany was irked by rumors claiming their breakup was a publicity stunt for The Valley. “It really upset me,” she admitted. According to her, anyone who truly knew her would understand she’d never exploit her family or personal life for the show. The timing of their separation becoming public was purely coincidental, prompted only by the discovery of her living separately.

Vanderpump Rules fans, you can catch the drama unfold on Bravo Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. And don’t forget, The Valley airs right after at 9 p.m. ET. For those who prefer streaming, Peacock has you covered the next day.

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