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Bringing Gina Micheletti & Clint Webb Closer: An Exclusive Exercise from Married at First Sight on Us Weekly

Married at First Sight experts help newlyweds Gina Micheletti and Clint Webb bond by having them hold hands and reveal what brings them joy. The exercise then requires them to open up about difficult times in their lives, with Gina discussing her difficult childhood and the therapy she underwent, while Clint shares that he once expected a baby with an ex-girlfriend who miscarried, deeply upsetting both of them. The exercise allows the couple to share vulnerable moments and build trust, while the other couples on the show also show their own vulnerabilities.

Gina and Clint bond and open up about difficult times in their lives during an exercise that involves holding hands and sharing what brings them joy on the reality television show Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight experts have devised an exercise to bring Gina Micheletti and Clint Webb closer together. In an exclusive clip from the March 8th episode of the Lifetime reality show, the newlyweds have been asked to hold hands during the exercise and share what brings joy to their lives. Gina has revealed that quality time with loved ones, traveling, and decompressing bring her joy. On the other hand, Clint says he’s a member of the “three F club”, ie., Friends, family, and food.

The Married at First Sight exercise requires the couple to open up to each other about the difficult times they’ve faced in their lives. Gina shares how she’s had to work through the trauma of her younger years in therapy as her parents separated early and the family moved frequently. However, her mindset and belief that she isn’t a product of her environment have helped her overcome the adversities.

Clint confesses that one of the most stressful times in his life was when his ex-girlfriend had a miscarriage. He says he was fully committed to the pregnancy, though it wasn’t planned, and the event caused him to experience physical symptoms like full body rashes due to nervousness. Gina comforts her husband and explains how sharing such vulnerable moments with someone can help them build a stronger relationship.

Married at First Sight viewers will be able to see how other couples handle being vulnerable with each other when the show airs on March 8th on Lifetime at 8 p.m. ET. The show is known for being a social experiment with the goal of creating long-lasting relationships, and the exercises designed by the experts aim to help couples overcome challenges and deepen their understanding of each other.

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