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Brian Austin Green Discusses Difficulty in Comparing Ex Megan Fox with Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Blackwell

Brian Austin Green diplomatically addressed comparisons between his ex-wife Megan Fox and “Love Is Blind” contestant Chelsea Blackwell, emphasizing Fox’s unique beauty and advising Blackwell to stay confident amidst public scrutiny. Green, who co-parents three sons with Fox and has children from other relationships, highlighted the difficulty of comparing anyone to Fox, while Chelsea and her fiancé Jimmy Presnell navigated the backlash from the comparison, emphasizing her individuality and value.

Brian Austin Green diplomatically addresses the comparison between his ex-wife Megan Fox and “Love Is Blind” contestant Chelsea Blackwell, emphasizing Megan’s unique beauty and advising Chelsea to stay confident amidst public scrutiny.

Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox, and Chelsea Blackwell. That’s a trio that’s been causing quite the stir. Getty Images and Adam Rose from Netflix got all the deets, and boy, is it juicy.

So, Brian Austin Green, right? He’s taking the high road when it comes to talking about his ex, Megan Fox, and her lookalike Chelsea Blackwell from *Love Is Blind*. Diplomacy at its finest, folks.

He’s like, “Well, she’s got brown hair and blue eyes, right? But I’m not gonna say anything.” Classic Brian, always with a joke up his sleeve. He goes on to praise Megan’s unique beauty, saying she’s possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. No biggie, just throwing that out there.

And then, he drops this gem: “That’s a tough comparison, I think for anyone to make.” He tells Chelsea to stay in her lane, keep her head up, and ignore the haters. Solid advice, Brian.

Brian and Megan were hitched from 2010 to 2020. Post-split, they’re all about co-parenting their sons Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. Oh, and Brian’s also got Kassius with Vanessa Marcil and little Zane with fiancée Sharna Burgess.

Enter Chelsea, 31, rocking season 6 of *Love Is Blind*. She’s out there, joking that she’s Megan Fox’s doppelgänger to her fiancé, Jimmy Presnell. Jimmy’s reaction? Priceless. But the internet? They’re not buying it.

Jimmy’s feeling guilty, thinking he’s the reason Chelsea’s catching heat. His over-the-top reaction went viral, and now he thinks he should’ve played it cool.

But let’s not forget, Chelsea didn’t claim she’s Megan’s twin. She just mentioned that people tell her that. Jimmy’s excited, sure, but now he thinks maybe he hyped it up too much.

Jimmy’s out here defending Chelsea, calling her amazing and beautiful in her own right. A true knight in shining armor.

And then there’s this whole thing about *Love Is Blind* being a drama magnet. Season 2 had love triangles that would make your head spin. Shayne, Natalie, and Shaina? A mess. Jarrette juggling love interests? Classic *Love Is Blind* chaos.

Jimmy’s ready to shield Chelsea from the drama. He’s like, “Hate on me, not her.” What a guy, seriously. He’s all about protecting her reputation.

Chelsea, for her part, didn’t see the big deal. It was just a goofy conversation that blew up way more than she expected. And now, she’s in the middle of this unexpected storm.

Meanwhile, new episodes of *Love Is Blind* season 6 are dropping every Wednesday on Netflix. Grab your popcorn, folks. This show’s a rollercoaster.

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