CelebritiesBlogBobby Berk Discusses His Departure from Queer Eye & Reveals Future Plans

Bobby Berk Discusses His Departure from Queer Eye & Reveals Future Plans

Bobby Berk has opened up about his departure from “Queer Eye,” expressing that after seven years, it was time for him to move on and explore other projects both in front of and behind the camera, including scripted shows and continuing his work with his design firm. Despite his exit, Berk remains positive about his experiences on the show and looks forward to new opportunities, while also finding support in his long-term relationship with his husband, Dewey Do.

Bobby Berk discussed his departure from “Queer Eye” after seven years, expressing it was time to move on and is now focusing on projects both in front of and behind the camera, while also having the support of his husband, Dewey Do.

Bobby Berk spilled the tea on his “Queer Eye” exit. Oh, and he’s got some juicy stuff lined up for the future.

At the Gold Gala in Los Angeles, he was all smiles. “Feeling great,” he said, chilling with *Us Weekly*. Seven years of good times, but hey, change is good, right?

He thought it was curtains after New Orleans. Started dabbling in new projects. Because, why not?

Front of the camera, behind it—Berk’s teasing us with hints. And his design firm? Still rocking it since pre-“Queer Eye” days.

Now, about his hubby, Dewey Do. They hit the 20-year mark. Forgot their anniversary, though. Oops. “But hey, that’s love,” Berk laughs.

Sharing personal stories on the show wasn’t always easy. Berk’s husband was his rock through it all.

Berk’s “Queer Eye” journey wrapped up in November 2023. “Season 8, my last,” he announced on Instagram. Heartfelt? Absolutely. Easy decision? Far from it.

Post-announcement, whispers started. “He wasn’t jiving with the cast,” sources said. Scheduling conflicts, interest waning. Time for fresh faces, they reckoned.

Yet, it was a mutual decision. No hard feelings, just the end of a chapter.

In a *Vanity Fair* chat, Berk opened up. Post-strike, Netflix dangled a new contract. The gang was ready to bow out, but then… surprise! A renewal, minus one. Berk wasn’t keen on altering his plans.

And there you have it. A blend of sweet, sour, and sassy—just like life itself.

*With a little help from Lanae Brody.*

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