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Below Deck’s Gary King Opens Up About His Relationship with Colin & Daisy

Gary King, a cast member on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, has apologized for his behavior during a love triangle with Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae in season 4. He admitted to needing personal growth and pledged to be a better person. The trio’s friendship was called into question during the reunion, with Colin revealing that he had slept with someone else before the season started.

Gary King of Below Deck admitted to not being proud of his behavior during a love triangle with Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae, but stated that he is still friends with both of them and is committed to personal growth.

Title: Gary King Reflects on Season 4 Love Triangle with Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae

In a recent Instagram post, Gary King, known for his appearance on Below Deck, opened up about his regrets and personal growth following a tumultuous love triangle during his time on the show. The first officer acknowledged that his behavior in season 4 could have been better and expressed his commitment to becoming a better person. He also addressed the negativity and criticism he receives from some viewers while appreciating the support he receives from others.

Unraveling the Love Triangle:
Gary’s statement came in response to questions raised about his friendship with Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae during the season 4 reunion of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. While Colin and Gary expressed an openness to reconciling their friendship, they hinted at uncertainties in their relationships with Daisy. The potential conclusion of their friendship left Daisy quite emotional, who expressed her love and gratitude for what they taught her about herself, while also acknowledging her regrets.

Revelations and Emotional Turmoil:
During the reunion, shocking revelations surfaced, with Gary disclosing that he and Daisy had hooked up before filming began. Colin then shared his own surprising revelation that his connection with Daisy had started even before they joined Parsifal III. Colin expressed frustration with their relationship, emphasizing that Daisy’s behavior during their time together made it impossible to reason with her. He asserted that he decided to end things with Daisy after realizing he wanted a healthier relationship.

Unresolved Trust and Hurtful Betrayals:
Daisy, in turn, criticized Colin for misleading her about his connection with Gary and making her feel guilty about their friendship. She revealed that she had stopped talking to Gary under Colin’s influence. What further shocked Daisy was Colin’s revelation that he was now in a serious relationship with another woman, which made her question the trust and authenticity of their past relationship. The lack of trust between Daisy, Colin, and Gary ultimately contributed to the toxicity of their dynamics.

Gary King has candidly expressed his remorse for his behavior and his determination to grow as a person following the love triangle drama on Below Deck. Meanwhile, Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae have navigated the aftermath of their complex relationships with mixed emotions. The revelations made during the season 4 reunion shed light on the challenges they faced and the trust issues that plagued their friendships. As fans of the show, we eagerly await further developments and hope for healing and personal growth for all involved parties.

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