CelebritiesBlogBelow Decks Fraser Olender Expresses Concern About Jared Woodins Aggressive Behavior

Below Decks Fraser Olender Expresses Concern About Jared Woodins Aggressive Behavior

During a boys’ night out on a recent episode of “Below Deck,” Jared Woodin’s behavior became a concern for Fraser Olender after Jared expressed frustration over being asked to help more with the workload, leading Fraser to question Jared’s aggressive tendencies. The situation escalated back on the boat when Jared’s flirtation with Barbie Pascual was rejected, and his subsequent confrontations with crew members prompted Captain Kerry Titheradge to intervene, highlighting Jared’s ongoing personal struggles and their impact on his professional conduct.

Fraser Olender from “Below Deck” expressed concerns about Jared Woodin’s aggressive behavior, which escalated during a boys’ night out and later interactions with the crew, amidst personal issues affecting Jared’s conduct.

Oh, the drama on the high seas! Fraser Olender’s got eyebrows raised over Jared Woodin’s behavior. Picture this: a sunny day, waves lapping at a luxury yacht, and tension thick enough to cut with a knife.

Jared, bless his heart, is dealing with a lot off the boat. Yet, he’s pushing people away faster than you can say “anchor’s aweigh.” During a boys’ night out, things got a tad spicy. Fraser suggested they all rally around Anthony, who’s mourning his dad. Jared? Not thrilled.

He thought he’d done enough. But when drinks flowed, Jared’s frustration bubbled up. Fraser, the chief steward, couldn’t help but notice. “A bit aggressive,” he mused, worried about Jared’s quick temper.

Cut to the crew back on the yacht. Jared’s flirting game with Barbie Pascual hit a snag. She’s all in on Kyle, leaving Jared stewing over a messy deck. Barbie’s not having any of it, especially after Jared’s repeated, unannounced cabin visits.

Jared’s plea to Kyle to tidy up fell on deaf ears. Their chat escalated, waking Captain Kerry Titheradge. Jared’s insistence on cleanliness was clear, but so was his frustration.

Meanwhile, Jared’s personal life’s a stormy sea. He’s fighting to keep in touch with his daughter, stressing the importance of their scheduled calls. “It’s super important to me,” he confided, revealing the struggle to rebuild trust.

Captain Kerry stepped in before things got too heated. He’s piecing together the night’s events, concerned about the crew’s safety. Jared’s past antics, fueled by personal troubles, have Kerry on high alert.

Jared’s candid about the impact of missing his daughter’s calls. “It’s real,” he admits, highlighting the emotional toll. Kerry’s supportive but firm, reminding Jared of his responsibilities.

Below Deck’s latest season promises more drama, with personal challenges and professional tensions colliding. Tune in to Bravo on Mondays, or catch up on Peacock. It’s a wild ride on the waves, where emotions run as deep as the ocean.

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