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Below Decks Captain Lee Shares His Take on Captain Kerry’s Decision to Fire Jared, Suggests He Would Have Acted Sooner

Captain Lee Rosbach expressed his support for Captain Kerry Titheradge’s decision to fire Jared Woodin from the boat, suggesting he would have made the decision even sooner based on his own experiences. The decision came after issues related to Woodin’s behavior, particularly after drinking on crew nights out, highlighting the challenges of maintaining discipline and professionalism on board.

Captain Lee Rosbach supported Captain Kerry Titheradge’s decision to fire Jared Woodin from the boat, stating he would have done it earlier due to Jared’s misconduct related to drinking on crew nights out.

Oh boy, Captain Lee Rosbach sure didn’t hold back his thoughts. He’s all in on Captain Kerry Titheradge’s call to boot Jared Woodin off the boat. This drama unfolded during a juicy March episode of Lee’s “Salty With Captain Lee” podcast. Picture this: Lee, alongside his cohost Sam DeCavalcanti, spilling the tea on Jared and Cat Baugh’s dramatic exit.

Lee’s take? He’s not throwing shade at Kerry for the decision. Apparently, Jared’s penchant for partying a bit too hard on crew nights was the last straw. And Cat? She bounced after a distressing call from a pal.

Reflecting on his own “Below Deck” days, Lee mused he might’ve given Jared the boot sooner. If you’re keeping score, that’s quite the statement. Meanwhile, in a twist of fate, Ben Willoughby got promoted. Remember him? The guy from a past season who came back as a lead deckhand.

Ben was kinda surprised he wasn’t bosun right off the bat. After all, he’d been bossing it as bosun on other ships. But he sucked it up, curious about the “circus” he was stepping into. Throughout season 11, it felt like a rivalry with Jared. Ben saw it as a missed opportunity for Jared to leverage his experience.

But hey, Jared being bosun first was a learning curve for Ben. It showed him exactly what not to do. Fast forward, and Ben’s taking notes on how to ace it, especially during those tricky docking situations where Jared was, well, less than stellar.

Switching gears, Captain Lee’s insight into the whole Jared saga comes after his own bombshell exit from “Below Deck.” Yep, after a decade of sea adventures, Lee’s charting new waters with a true crime series on Oxygen, “Deadly Waters.” Talk about a plot twist.

As for Kerry, he stepped into Lee’s big shoes during season 11, right after his stint on “Below Deck Adventure.” So, if you’re itching for more high-seas drama, “Below Deck” season 11 is your go-to, airing Mondays on Bravo. And for those who can’t wait, Peacock’s got your next-day fix.

What a whirlwind, huh? From unexpected exits to new beginnings, the “Below Deck” universe never fails to keep us on our toes.

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