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Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach Updates on His Relationship with Bravo Star Carl Radke

Captain Lee Rosbach from “Below Deck” has not recently spoken to Carl Radke, despite their long-standing friendship, due to Carl’s busy schedule and involvement in Bravo’s “Summer House” drama, particularly his split from Lindsay Hubbard. Lee has been following Carl’s journey on the show and expressed discomfort watching the ups and downs of Carl and Lindsay’s relationship, especially after being asked to officiate their wedding, which did not happen due to their breakup.

Captain Lee Rosbach from “Below Deck” revealed he hasn’t recently spoken to fellow Bravo star Carl Radke due to Radke’s busy schedule, despite keeping up with his drama on “Summer House” and expressing discomfort over watching Radke’s ups and downs, including his breakup with Lindsay Hubbard.

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck just dropped some tea about his current vibes with Carl Radke. They’re both Bravo celebs, you know. In a chat with Us Weekly, while he was out there promoting Deadly Waters on Oxygen, Lee got real about whether he’s been in touch with Carl lately. "No, I haven’t. He’s been pretty busy," he spilled, at the ripe age of 74.

But, oh, he’s been keeping tabs on Carl’s Bravo drama. Especially on Summer House. Lee’s like, "There’s a couple of [Bravo shows] that I have [kept watching]. I think Summer House because I know Carl and Lindsay [Hubbard] — it is just like, wow." And about Carl and Lindsay’s split? Totally didn’t see that coming.

Then there’s this juicy bit where Lee and Carl’s bromance gets a spotlight. They’ve given Bravo fans quite the show over the years. Lee’s been a Below Deck staple for a decade, while Carl’s been stirring the pot on Summer House since 2017. Their friendship? Solid, despite the ups and downs on screen.

Lee was even asked to officiate Carl and Lindsay’s wedding, can you believe it? Watching their rollercoaster relationship unfold on screen was "uncomfortable" for him. Their bond goes way back, starting from a shared experience of loss due to addiction.

"It is difficult to watch," Lee admits about the show. It’s like knowing the ending of a sad movie but you can’t help watching it unfold. "It’s like a train wreck. I just can’t look away," he said. And then, bam! Carl and Lindsay, after dating for a year, got engaged in season 7 of Summer House. They were all set for a November 2023 wedding until Carl called it off three months prior. Talk about drama.

Lee was there for Carl post-breakup, even offering him a spot on his podcast, "Salty With Captain Lee," to dish on the split. They recorded an episode, but Carl got cold feet last minute, and it never aired. Lee’s like, "Sorry folks, not my call."

Meanwhile, Carl’s been laying low, focusing on his gig at Summer House co-star Kyle Cooke’s company, Loverboy. Fresh start vibes. And Lee? He’s moved on to Deadly Waters on Oxygen after a solid run on Below Deck. He’s all about that water life and true crime – a combo that’s got him hooked.

Lee’s dive into Deadly Waters is a mix of his love for the ocean and crime shows. "There’s something about when you’re dealing with things that actually have happened… It adds a realism to it that you can’t get just by writing it," he explained. It’s all about the real impact on real lives, which hits different than scripted drama.

Catch Deadly Waters With Captain Lee premiering on Oxygen. It’s set to make waves starting June 1, at 9 p.m. ET, with episodes streaming on Peacock the next day. And that’s the scoop, straight from Captain Lee himself, with a little help from Christina Garibaldi’s reporting.

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