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Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach & Captain Sandy Yawn: From Friendship to Feud in the Bravo Franchise

Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn of the “Below Deck” franchise were initially friendly before their involvement in the show led to a perceived rift, highlighted by their interactions in Season 10 when Sandy replaced Lee due to his health issues. Off-screen tensions escalated when Lee publicly criticized Sandy’s leadership style, particularly regarding her communication about crew changes, leading to Sandy responding with a cryptic message about personal treatment and behavior.

Captains Lee Rosbach and Sandy Yawn from the “Below Deck” franchise were initially friendly, but their relationship soured following a leadership dispute and public disagreements, highlighted by their interactions during season 10 and subsequent exchanges.

Oh, the saga of Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn. It’s like something straight out of a Bravo TV script. Which, well, it kinda is. These two were all buddy-buddy before the waves of the Bravo franchise swept them into a bit of a storm.

So, Captain Lee? He’s been the steady hand on the helm since Below Deck first set sail in 2013. Then there’s Captain Sandy, who made a splash when she took the wheel from Captain Mark Howard on Below Deck Mediterranean. Talk about big shoes to fill, right?

Fast forward to Below Deck season 10. We got a real peek into the dynamics between Lee and Sandy when she hopped aboard as a sub. Lee was like, "Thanks a million for coming on such short notice." He had to dip out due to health issues, leaving Sandy to steer the ship. And not just any ship, but his ship. No pressure, Sandy.

This swap wasn’t just a first for Below Deck. It was historic. Sandy stepping into Lee’s shoes was a big deal. She said it herself, "Taking over for another Captain? Not easy." Her main goal was to make sure Lee felt supported. "I’m here to take care of his boat and his crew until he gets back," she declared. Noble, right?

But then, plot twist! Off-screen, things got a tad rocky. Lee threw some shade at Sandy, questioning her leadership chops. He was miffed that she didn’t give him the 411 on stew Camille Lamb’s firing. Drama alert!

Sandy’s response? She took to social media with a cryptic message about how normal people don’t go around destroying others. Ouch. Seems like there’s a bit of choppy water between these two captains.

Wanna dive deeper into Lee and Sandy’s rollercoaster relationship? Keep scrolling. Trust me, it’s quite the ride.

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