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Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual & Fraser Olender Mend Their Friendship After Numerous Challenges

Barbie Pascual and Fraser Olender from “Below Deck” have navigated through a complicated working relationship, with initial tensions and misunderstandings leading to a stronger friendship over time. Despite challenges, including Fraser’s initial desire to have Barbie fired, their relationship has evolved positively, with Barbie acknowledging her attitude issues and Fraser becoming a significant support for her.

Barbie Pascual and Fraser Olender from “Below Deck” have resolved their complicated working relationship, which involved significant ups and downs, including a period when Olender wanted Pascual fired, but they have since become close friends and support systems for each other.

Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual and Fraser Olender have had their fair share of ups and downs. Now, they’re in a much better place, friendship-wise. It wasn’t easy getting there, though. Barbie spilled the tea during an exclusive chat with Us Weekly. She described their working relationship as “complicated,” but they’ve managed to patch things up.

Fraser, at one point, wanted Barbie gone. Yep, during season 10, he wasn’t her biggest fan. “We talked about it,” Barbie recalled. “I promised to work on my attitude, but he barely gave me a chance to show any improvement.”

Season 11 saw Fraser trying a new approach as chief steward. His changes led to some friction with Barbie. He even brought up his concerns with Captain Kerry Titheradge. The captain advised Fraser not to give up on Barbie just yet.

Rough seas ahead! The Below Deck franchise has been no stranger to drama since its debut. And boy, have viewers been treated to some unforgettable feuds. Remember Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn’s clash? That firing was one for the books.

Barbie admitted, “[Fraser] wanted me out. But thanks to Captain Kerry, I stayed. I’m a good stew, and I get the work done, attitude or not.” When asked if Fraser felt threatened by her, Barbie didn’t deny it. She acknowledged her attitude could have been better.

Despite the rocky start, Barbie and Fraser have fixed their issues. “I love him,” she gushed. Fraser has become a huge support for her, especially after the show aired. It’s a complete turnaround from their on-show dynamics.

Season 11 taught Barbie valuable lessons. If given another chance, she’d do things differently with Fraser. “We’re friends now, closer even. I’ve seen my mistakes,” she noted. Working together again would be fun, she believes. There’d be drama, sure, but it’d be a respectful and fun environment.

Barbie also shared her regrets after watching the season. “I was shocked at my attitude,” she confessed. The biggest misconception about her? That she’s heartless. “I’m not mean or malicious,” she clarified. Barbie is all about getting the job done, even if it means skipping the pleasantries.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi. Catch Below Deck season 11 on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes stream the next day on Peacock.

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