CelebritiesBlogBelow Deck's Anthony Iracane Shares His Wife Left Him for His Uncle

Below Deck’s Anthony Iracane Shares His Wife Left Him for His Uncle

Anthony Iracane, a chef on “Below Deck,” shared the painful story of how his marriage ended when his wife left him for his uncle, a revelation that came to light during a dinner focused on love. Despite this personal setback, Anthony remains hopeful for the future, finding solace in his love for his cat and continuing to share his life on the show.

Anthony Iracane from “Below Deck” revealed his wife left him for his uncle, describing the situation as “pretty shitty,” while expressing hope for his future despite the personal setback.

Oh boy, Anthony Iracane sure dropped a bombshell on “Below Deck.” He revealed his wife left him for his uncle. Talk about a plot twist no one saw coming.

“This dinner is about love,” he mused, wishing for that kind of connection again. He was just 26 when he tied the knot, full of dreams and plans for a family. It was a big deal, you know?

Then, bam! His uncle, a captain, swoops in. Offers his wife a job because she’s a chief stew. And just like that, she’s gone. No text, no call. Anthony’s left wondering, “What just happened?” It’s pretty crappy, to be honest.

But Anthony’s not dwelling on the past. Nope. He’s found love again, albeit with his cat. Hey, love is love, right?

Meanwhile, the “Below Deck” crew is all about love too. They’re planning a wedding and vow renewals for their guests. Captain Kerry Titheradge is especially excited. He’s ordained and all set to officiate the wedding. Despite his own rocky love history, he’s diving headfirst into this.

Kerry’s even considering tying the knot again, chatting about it with his girlfriend, Ghönül, over FaceTime. He’s working on his speech, fine-tuning it to perfection. They’re seriously thinking about making it official themselves.

Fraser Olender, on the other hand, has a different take. He dreams of a small, intimate wedding on a beach. Just close family, friends, and lots of linen. But hey, if it doesn’t happen, no biggie. He’s content with his beach holidays, solo or not.

Then there’s Barbie Pascual and Jared Woodin. Things seemed promising at first. Barbie even thought Jared might be “the one” after their first date. But then, a crew night out changed everything. Jared’s sloppy antics were a total turn-off for Barbie. She’s now eyeing Kyle Stillie instead.

“Below Deck” season 11 is full of surprises, airing Mondays on Bravo. Can’t catch it live? No worries, it streams on Peacock the next day.

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