CelebritiesBlogBelow Deck Season Finale Sees Captain Kerry Regret Promoting Ben Willoughby

Below Deck Season Finale Sees Captain Kerry Regret Promoting Ben Willoughby

The Season 11 finale of “Below Deck” saw Captain Kerry Titheradge expressing regrets about promoting Ben Willoughby to bosun, following a series of insubordinate actions by Ben and deckhand Kyle Stillie, including not cleaning their rooms for a cabin inspection. Despite initial disappointment and a stern warning from Kerry, Ben eventually apologized for his behavior, leading to a somewhat reconciled relationship, though Kerry later admitted in a confessional that he had doubts about his decision to promote Ben by the season’s end.

The Season 11 finale of “Below Deck” ended with Captain Kerry Titheradge expressing regrets about promoting Ben Willoughby to bosun, following a series of insubordinate actions and a subsequent apology from Ben, amidst broader crew dynamics and challenges.

Oh boy, the finale of “Below Deck” Season 11 sure did pack a punch, didn’t it? Captain Kerry Titheradge ended up with a hefty side of regret after promoting Ben Willoughby to bosun. Talk about a twist!

During the last episode, which hit the screens on a balmy Tuesday, May 28, drama unfolded. Ben, bless his heart, tried to mend fences after ruffling Kerry’s feathers. The tension had been building, especially after the previous episode where Kerry caught wind of Ben and deckhand Kyle Stillie’s little rebellion. They hadn’t cleaned their rooms for an inspection, stirring the pot big time.

Kerry was livid, to say the least. “I’ve shown both of you guys respect. I’ve been out there busting my f—king ass to help you guys out. And this is the way you say f—king thank you?” he exploded at the exterior team. In a confessional, he didn’t mince words, calling it “total disrespect” and a blatant disregard for the chain of command.

The captain had his doubts about Ben, questioning his leadership skills. “I’ve given Ben the opportunity to be a leader and he is failing,” Kerry admitted. He laid it out for Ben, stressing the importance of sorting out his room and hinting at consequences for not doing so.

Meanwhile, Kyle seemed a bit lost at sea, pun intended. He claimed ignorance about Kerry’s expectations for a cabin inspection. “We just genuinely didn’t get around to it. It is really f—ked up,” he said, before quipping about his understanding of cabin inspections involving hiding narcotics. Classic Kyle, always a jokester even in the face of drama.

Ben, on the other hand, was filled with remorse. After some reflection, he realized the error of his ways. “I’ve never been in hot water and in this amount of trouble in yachting before. I think he is taking this like a f—k you,” Ben pondered. He admitted to being too busy to care at the moment but, after sleeping on it, felt the need to apologize to Captain Kerry. He acknowledged that, while he might run a vessel differently, respecting the captain’s authority was the right thing to do.

And so, Ben offered his apologies to Kerry, hoping to smooth over the ruffled feathers. “It’s just about last night, mate. I had a bit of time to think about it and seeing you as upset as you were, we were wrong. Sorry, mate. I really apologize,” he said, extending an olive branch.

Kerry, for his part, tried to explain the rationale behind his strict inspection policy. “If someone can’t follow my orders when things are easy, what is going to happen if there’s a fire and I tell you to get the hose and fight it?” he questioned, highlighting the importance of discipline and order. Despite his disappointment, he appreciated Ben’s gesture and hoped it would serve as a learning experience.

Kerry commended Ben for his courage to apologize and take responsibility. “It takes a lot of courage to grow. For Ben to dig deep and apologize wholeheartedly and take responsibility, it takes a lot. And for that, I commend him,” Kerry reflected, acknowledging the growth and maturity Ben displayed.

As the charter season came to a close, Kerry and Ben seemed to end on a positive note, or so it appeared. Kerry, however, shared his lingering doubts in a confessional. “I had a lot of hope for Ben this season. From the very start, I believed he should have been the bosun,” he revealed. But as the season progressed, his confidence in Ben waned. “But by the end of the season, I doubt I would put him there. Hopefully, he can learn from this, pull his socks up and do himself a favor,” Kerry mused, leaving the door open for Ben’s growth and improvement.

Ben’s journey from lead deckhand to bosun, following Jared Woodin’s firing, was a rollercoaster. He shared with Us Weekly that his working relationship with Kerry underwent the most significant change throughout the season. “Captain Kerry [has] very much of a military stance. [It is] more authority-based. So that was a bit of a learning curve for me,” he admitted in March. The friction between his leadership style and Kerry’s more authoritative approach was palpable, hinting at the challenges they faced in working together.

As the season unfolded, Ben expressed his frustrations on social media, hinting at his dissatisfaction with how events were portrayed. “I once used to love Below Deck. There’s too much that isn’t seen. I’m at a crossroads as [to] whether the truth needs to be told or I don’t let this consume me anymore,” he shared during a fan Q&A on Instagram. His comments reflected the complexities of reality TV and the challenges of navigating on-screen relationships and portrayals.

Despite the tensions and challenges, Ben remained philosophical about his experience. “Reality TV isn’t easy by any means. I just hope that the audience can see that people are edited in a way that suits the storyline,” he added. His reflections underscored the nuanced nature of reality TV, where editing can shape narratives and influence perceptions.

Kerry, for his part, chose not to publicly address Ben’s comments about their dynamic. Instead, he focused on ending the season with a positive outlook. “I came here knowing I had big shoes to fill,” Kerry shared during the finale, acknowledging the challenges of stepping into Captain Lee Rosbach’s role. “We had some epic highs and there were some lows, I would rather just forget about. But that’s yachting and I am grateful for all of it. That was one hell of an adventure,” he concluded, embracing the ups and downs of the season with gratitude and optimism.

“Below Deck” Season 11, with all its drama, growth, and unforgettable moments, is currently streaming on Peacock, offering fans a glimpse into the high-stakes world of yachting and the complex dynamics that unfold behind the scenes.

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