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Below Deck Med’s Jessika Asai Gets Back at Luka Brunton by Making Out with Max After He Decides to Keep His Options Open

Jessika Asai makes out with Max Salavador, getting back at Luka Brunton, while seeing him flirty with Natalya in the newest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean. The relationships continue to blossom, with Luka hinting at his offscreen connections and ultimately revealing that he is back in a relationship with the partner he dated prior to the season. Despite all the complex relationships, Luka doesn’t end up with anyone from the Below Deck franchise, as he reunites with his ex-girlfriend.

The relationships on season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean are getting even more complicated as Jessika Asai gets back at Luka Brunton by making out with Max Salvador, while Luka’s flirty relationship with Natalya Scudder heats back up and he hints at having other women on the side.

The latest reality television drama on the most recent season of Below Deck Mediterranean has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats. On this season, the cast has seen their love lives reach complicated levels, with romantic relationships most certainly getting messy.

Most recently Luka Brunton has become entangled in a web of flirtationships as he juggles his job as bosun with the affections of various women on the show. He found himself embroiled with Natalya Scudder before developing a season-long fling with Jessika Asai. The pair, however, have differing expectations of the nature of their relationship. Luka seems set on keeping things casual, while Jessika is looking for a more concrete commitment.

In a clever revenge move, Jessika gets back at Luka for his flirtatious behavior by making out with Max Salvador in front of Luka’s prior love interest, Lily Davison. Despite Luka’s attempts to maintain his off-screen connections with multiple women, he ultimately ends up rekindling things with an ex-girlfriend. The season finale promises to be explosive, as the drama continues to unravel.

With the season featuring a variety of love triangles, sneaky flirtationships, and complicated relationships hitting a head, it’s a quiet relief to hear that Max Salvador is apparently a talented kisser, according to Jessika. Nevertheless, the drama continues to escalate, with jealousy, love triangles, and flirty encounters creating a tangled web of romantic interests amidst the luxurious seafaring backdrop.

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