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Below Deck Franchise: Drama, Spinoffs, & Life After the Show for Crew Members

The “Below Deck” franchise, since its inception in 2013, has consistently delivered drama to Bravo’s audience, showcasing the intertwined personal and professional lives of yacht crew members. Longtime series personality Kate Chastain stepped down in 2020, hinting at a new land-based role, yet expressed openness to remaining within the Bravo universe, specifically showing interest in joining “The Real Housewives of New York” to work alongside Sonja Morgan.

The “Below Deck” franchise, since its inception in 2013, has consistently entertained Bravo audiences with the intertwined personal and professional lives of its yacht crew members, featuring dramatic storylines including romances, breakups, and exits, highlighted by Kate Chastain’s departure in 2020 after six seasons.

Oh, the drama! “Below Deck” and its spin-off series have been a rollercoaster ride for Bravo fans. Since the franchise kicked off, it’s been nothing short of a spectacle.

The journey began in 2013. Crew members on luxurious yachts, living their best lives while also dealing with the chaos of charter season. It’s a mix of sun, sea, and, well, a lot of drama. Personal lives started spilling over into work. We’re talking romances, breakups, firings. The whole shebang.

Then, in February 2020, a bombshell. Kate Chastain, a staple of the “Below Deck” universe, decided it was time to swap the high seas for terra firma. After six seasons, she was ready to explore new horizons.

“After many months of reflection and internal discussions, I have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new land-based role.” That’s what she said. She aimed to step back, seeking financial independence but still cheering on the Bravo family from the sidelines. Andy Cohen, I mean, His Majesty, got a special shoutout as she teased her departure on Instagram.

But, plot twist! Kate hinted she might not be done with Bravo. Not entirely, anyway.

“I don’t know that I would like to do a show like Summer House,” she mused in a September 2020 chat with Decider. But a New York Housewife? Now, that’s a different story. All because of Sonja Morgan. Kate’s admiration for Sonja is, frankly, adorable. “Sonja is a national treasure to be protected at all costs.” She dreams of being Sonja’s intern, even if just for a day. Bucket list goals, right?

Curious about what the former “Below Deck” stars are up to these days? Keep scrolling. There’s more to the story.

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