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Ashley Iaconetti Suspects Trista Sutter Might Be Competing in Special Forces Season 3

Ashley Iaconetti speculates that Trista Sutter, a fellow Bachelor Nation alum, might be participating in the third season of “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test,” based on cryptic social media posts and Trista’s absence coinciding with the show’s filming schedule. Ryan Sutter’s Mother’s Day post hinted at Trista’s involvement in a challenging endeavor away from home, fueling speculation and discussions among Bachelor Nation figures about her potential participation in the demanding reality show.

Ashley Iaconetti speculates that Trista Sutter, a fellow Bachelor Nation alum, might be participating in season 3 of “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” based on cryptic social media posts and Sutter’s absence.

Ashley Iaconetti’s got a hunch. And it’s all about Trista Sutter, her fellow Bachelor Nation alum, possibly joining the cast of “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” Season 3. Now, isn’t that a kicker?

“I just wanna ask, like, where’s Trista?” Iaconetti mused during a chat on the “Almost Famous” podcast she co-hosts with Ben Higgins. It was a Wednesday, May 15 episode, and curiosity was in the air. Ryan Sutter, Trista’s other half, had dropped a cryptic bomb on Instagram. Mother’s Day, of all days, and there’s Trista, nowhere in sight.

“She’s away for two weeks,” Iaconetti continued, piecing the puzzle together. Ali Fedotowsky’s in the same boat, apparently. Both AWOL for a fortnight, both leaving behind cryptic social media breadcrumbs. “So, is she shooting a show? Is she on ‘Special Forces’?” Iaconetti speculated. She had even told Trista she’d nail it on such a show.

Bob Guiney, a blast from the past and a guest on the podcast, chimed in. Having been on “The Bachelorette” with Trista back in ’03, his guess was as good as any. “She may well be, I’m not sure,” he said, adding to the intrigue.

Meanwhile, the “cryptic” post in question had Ryan Sutter playing the role of a poetic enigma. “Being a mom means letting go,” he wrote, alongside a family snapshot. It was a Mother’s Day message that read more like a riddle. Trista was away, yes, but doing what?

Ryan’s Instagram ode continued, praising Trista’s motherly sacrifice and adventurous spirit. “Your love is not limited by distance or difficulty or time,” he penned. It was heartfelt, with a dash of mystery. Trista’s response? A simple, yet emotive, “❤️😭❤️” in the comments.

Switching gears, Ali Fedotowsky’s own digital footprint hinted at a similar storyline. A screenshot of a FaceTime call with her family was all she left before going off the grid. “Won’t have my phone for a while,” her caption read, a prelude to her digital silence.

Ben Higgins, back on the podcast, couldn’t help but speculate. If Trista was indeed braving the “Special Forces” challenge, she’d be continuing a proud Bachelor Nation tradition. Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron had set the bar high in previous seasons. Could Trista match, or even surpass, their feats?

“If she wins this freaking show,” Higgins joked, “then we have to question what in the world is ‘The Bachelor’ doing when it comes to casting.” A jest, of course, but one can’t help but wonder.

“Special Forces” is gearing up for its third season, a testament to its gripping allure. Contestants are pushed to their limits, facing tasks inspired by the real United States Special Forces selection course. It’s grueling, it’s intense, and not everyone makes it to the end.

So, is Trista Sutter among those braving the elements this season? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: the speculation adds an extra layer of excitement to the already anticipated season.

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