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Ariana Madix Announces New Role as Host of Love Isl& USA Following Scandoval Drama

Ariana Madix, known from “Vanderpump Rules,” has been announced as the new host for “Love Island USA,” following her involvement in a highly publicized scandal known as Scandoval. She expressed excitement for her new role, promising to bring some excitement to the show, which is set to stream on Peacock this summer.

Ariana Madix, known from “Vanderpump Rules,” has been announced as the new host of “Love Island USA,” following her recent involvement in a public scandal and her departure from the role of Roxy Hart in “Chicago.”

Ariana Madix just snagged herself a brand new job. And it’s a big one, folks. She’s the new face of *Love Island USA*. Yeah, you heard that right.

“Talk about a bombshell,” she spilled the beans on Instagram. Imagine swapping those glitzy stage costumes for bikinis this summer. That’s Madix for you, ready to shake things up on *Love Island USA*. It’s all happening on Peacock, and she’s buzzing with excitement.

She dropped this juicy tidbit while chilling on the Ambassador Theatre’s stage in New York City. That’s where she’s wrapping up her gig as Roxy Hart in *Chicago*. “See you in the villa,” she teased in her video post. Oh, the drama that awaits!

The buzz around Madix stepping in started swirling just days before the official word got out. She’s taking over from Sarah Hyland, who’s been the show’s host for a bit.

Hyland, on her end, made her exit public on March 27. But, she kept mum about Madix stepping into her shoes. “Got a text 😂,” she shared, hinting at her departure. Apparently, she’s got another project lined up that clashes with *Love Island USA*’s filming schedule.

She’s bummed about not returning but is all cheers for the upcoming season on Peacock. Meanwhile, *Love Island USA* fans got a treat with a sneak peek into which couples are still going strong.

Oh, and in case you missed it, *Love Island USA* is coming back with not just one but two more seasons. They’re setting up shop in Fiji this time. The show first hit the U.S. screens in 2019, courtesy of CBS, with Arielle Vandenberg as the host. After a brief hiatus, Peacock picked it up and brought in Hyland.

Madix’s rise to fame took a sharp turn in March 2023, thanks to a scandal that rocked the internet. Her nine-year relationship with Tom Sandoval hit the rocks when he was caught cheating with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss. The fallout, dubbed Scandoval, was all over *Vanderpump Rules* season 10. And now, she’s stepping into the limelight in a whole new role.

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