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Ariana Madix Announces New Book “Single AF Cocktails” to Share Her Side of the Story

Ariana Madix, star of Vanderpump Rules, is releasing a new book called Single AF Cocktails, which she describes as her “breakup album.” The book will tell the story of her relationship with Tom Sandoval and their subsequent breakup through cocktail recipes. Madix hopes that her book will not only document her own perspective but also help others who have experienced heartbreak.

Ariana Madix is releasing a book called Single AF Cocktails, in which she tells her side of the story and documents her breakup with Tom Sandoval through cocktail recipes.

Title: Ariana Madix Announces New Book ‘Single AF Cocktails’ to Share Her Side of the Story

Ariana Madix, best known as a cast member on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, recently took to Instagram to announce her upcoming book, ‘Single AF Cocktails’. In her post, she described it as her “breakup album” and a way to fully tell her side of the story regarding her relationship with Tom Sandoval. The book, set to release on December 5, aims to provide readers with a unique perspective on their split through a collection of cocktail recipes that symbolize different moments and emotions from their journey together.

Reclaiming Strength and Resilience:
Madix expressed that the past few months have been a whirlwind for her following the revelation of Sandoval’s affair with their Vanderpump Rules co-star, Raquel Leviss. Despite the pain of having her personal devastation unfold publicly, Madix acknowledges the support she has received from her fans, friends, and family. Through ‘Single AF Cocktails’, she hopes to offer solace and provide a sense of companionship to anyone who has experienced heartbreak.

A Journey Reflected in Cocktails:
The book takes readers through Madix and Sandoval’s ups and downs in a creative way, using each cocktail recipe to narrate different stages of their relationship. Sections such as the Honeymoon Phase and Betrayal mirror the emotional rollercoaster they experienced. The book’s press release teases a diverse range of cocktail recipes that cater to varying moods, offering readers a chance to indulge in drinks like Rumors or We Ride at Dawn, each representing different aspects of their journey together.

Continuation on Vanderpump Rules:
As fans eagerly await the release of ‘Single AF Cocktails’, they can also look forward to season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, which is currently being filmed. Madix and Sandoval have signed on for another season, but Leviss will not be returning. Leviss recently alleged being paid unequally compared to the other cast members. Bravo has yet to comment on the salary discrepancy claims made by Leviss, while Lisa Vanderpump revealed that Leviss made $361,000 for season 10.

Ariana Madix’s upcoming book, ‘Single AF Cocktails’, not only promises a unique perspective on her past relationship but also serves as a way to thank her fans for their support. As the release date approaches, fans of Vanderpump Rules can anticipate an emotional and revealing journey through the pages of Madix’s cocktail guide. Alongside the book, viewers can continue following the fallout from the Scandoval saga in the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules.

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